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Top 10 Travel Blogs For 2022 Who Give Us Major Travel Goals

Overview of Top Travel Blogs

Traveling is something that can’t be explained in words, it leaves you speechless, then turn you into a storyteller. I was inspired to explore the world by reading the travel blogs of famous travelers. We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. In this I’m going to tell you about the 10 top travel blogs who motivated me and before giving it a read I would say that I wrote about only 10 but there Are many other passionate and motivating travelers as well.

Here are some of the great travel bloggers:


The Blonde Abroad Travel Blogs

Kiersten Rich – the founder of The Blond Abroad. She is a great travel blogger who loves to travel the world with no one just her and her passion. Her nickname is Kiki, a Californian who left her career in corporate wealth management around 6 years ago and began a new life but this time with her hope of searching new career which could change her life forever. Now it is in list of top travel blogs.

At present she has traveled to over 70 countries, she is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The Blond Abroad her famous shit has around 1500 articles in which she describes her journey, an incredible one, tells about fashion and travel tips.

Besides this, with her site, she wants to encourage the female society to be independent and full of confidence. The Blond Abroad is now a multi-level business with different revenue streams, social media marketing, female travel tours, and digital content creation.

Social Media details of The Blond Abroad

  • Instagram : 528k followers
  • Facebook: 208k followers
  • Twitter: 31.1k followers
  • Net worth: $1.5 Million



Legal Nomads is all about food, fun, and the motivating journey of Jodi

Ettenberg – the owner of the wonderful site Legal Nomads. Jodi Ettenberg was a lawyer by profession but as we all know that we should never settle for anything less than extraordinary. She left her profession and never turned back. She started a new life which she found later that has become the backbone of her career.

With this site, she shares her memories, pictures of mouthwatering food and lets other’s be motivated towards this field. She has devoted her life to food. But there is no gain without pain. Back some years before she suffered from a celiac disease which changed her life but she didn’t quit and fight it back.

As a celiac, learning about food helped her navigate with less anxiety and chance of illness. In 2022, she redesigned this site and changed the logo from “ Telling stories, through food” to “Curious about everything”. Food was the best way she could connect to others in a new place.

Social Media details of Legal Nomads

  • Instagram: 76.5k
  • Twitter: 45.9k followers
  • Facebook: 38k followers
  • Book wrote: The food traveler’s handbook
  • Series: Thrillable series
  • Visit Legal Nomads


heynadine Travel Blogs

Nadine Sykora is a Canadian travel video blogger and a storyteller. She is full of joy and fun, with a great passion for traveling, and her frank nature made people attract to her videos. She shares photos of beautiful destinations and posts them on different social media platforms to teach and inspire others to follow their travel dream. She began her channel in 2006 for the enjoyment purpose and her first video was “Re – The Venetian princess world tour, but at present is no longer available to watch.

The earliest video on her blog channel is with her sister in back to December 2006. She hit 1,00,000 subscribers in February 2010. She has spoken on several panels. In December 2014, she was invited to the White House to attend the White House Travel Blogger Summit on study abroad and global citizenship. Till the present date, she has traveled to around 50 countries.

Social Media details of Hey Nadine

  • Facebook: 27k followers
  • Twitter: 27.8k followers
  • Instagram: 92.5k followers
  • Net worth: $5L-$6L
  • How old is Hey Nadine?: 13+ years
  • Visit Hey Nadine


one step 4 ward blog

Irishman Johnny a man with an incredible height in his career from working-class bum to millionaire travel blogger traveled every single country in the world. He talks about how to make money blogging and digital media also have started a non-profit called Mudita Adventures.

In 2006, he began this beautiful journey of traveling the world after completing graduation. He initially flew to New York City and worked as a summer camp counselor in The United States for a brief period. He returned to Ireland and took part in a medical research experiment to earn more money to travel. He then traveled to Thailand where he taught English for a year before moving to Sydney, where he worked as a telephone sales representative. He left this job in 2010.

By August 2012, Ward had visited over 80 countries, and over 100 countries by the end of that year. In 2014, One step 4ward was a founding member of the professional travel bloggers association, and on several occasions in that period. One Step 4ward is a top travel blog. By 2015, he had earned a total of around 1 Million and visited around 152 countries.

Social Media details of One Step 4ward

5. Wanderlust Chloe: 

wanderlust chloe blog

Chloe Gunning is one of the top travel bloggers with a passion for fun, food, and adventure. In 2014, she left the job of media and took a turn towards traveling. She packed her bags went to Mexico and spent around three and a half months exploring its places like Central America, Cuba, and Mexico. Since then she became focused and tied a knot to be a successful travel blogger.

To reach the world she made a site and named it – wanderlust Chloe and with this, she started sharing her memories and making people motivated towards traveling.

In 2015, her passion for travel took her from Morocco to Croatia and Turkey to Latvia. With the passing time, she became so confident and named as one of the UK’s top travel blogs and started collaborating with famous names like Visit London, Visit England, The Turkish Tourist Board, and many more.

In 2017 Stylistln magazine named her in the list of top female travelers. She shot big video projects in Hawaii for GoBe and New Orleans for Lonely Planet, plus she was involved in campaigns across Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Canada, Antigua, and Jordan. She was also named one of just five Visit England Ambassadors – tasked with showing off my amazing home country.

Social Media details of Wanderlust Chloe


Be my Travel Muse blog

Kristin Addis is a solo traveler with a website of off the beaten path adventures – Be my travel muse. The main focus of her blogs is to encourage the female to be self-confident, motivated and brave in their abilities. She loves experiencing the different cultures as well the nature around the world.

Four years as an investment banker she left the job and took a flight for Bangkok for the new beginning. She wanted to write, she wanted to create, she wanted to get to know those places she always had a thought about. She spends 7 years of her life in this traveling field with great Adventures including hitchhiking solo across China, freediving with humpback whales in the South Pacific, hiking for 14 days to over 18k feet in Nepal without a guide, leading women’s adventure tours all around the world, and even becoming a Buddhist nun for 10 days.

Social Media details of Be My Travel Muse

7. Lauren Bullen 

Lauren Bullen blog

Gymea Lust, that is Lauren Bullen, one of the popular travel influencers. She loves traveling and capturing beautiful scenes. In 2003, she established her career in the field of blogging through Instagram.

In starting she used to make blogs with her sister but after some months she started blogging alone and began uploading pictures and imagery of the beautiful places she used to travel to. Before this beautiful career hers. she worked as a Dental Assistant.

Lauren’s very first abroad trip was sponsored by student flights in Australia. After that, she got lots of paid trip offers and projects as well. As being a celebrated face she also worked with brands like Tiffany and Co., Land Rover, etc.

Social Media details of Lauren Bullen

  • Instagram: 15.3k followers
  • Twitter: 15.3k followers
  • Net worth: $900k-$2M
  • Visit Website




She is not such famous but liked by many because she is real, captures the photo’s with no filter’s and is a wonderful woman and warm-hearted as well. Melissa Giroux is a Canadian princess. Not being a known face then too she has motivated lots of people and proved that hard work pays off.


Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl, named by Derek Earl. He is also a solo traveler and loves traveling to places that are less knowledgeable by people. He is a storyteller and a genuine travel blogger as well. With his blogs and site as well he wants to motivate the people in the crowd to live life to its fullest.


Notes From The Road

By the roads, by nature, by culture, and by everything, Erik Ganger tackles the theme of city and county through his blogs notes from the road. By his blogs he wants to share the real lifestyle of the travelers and how many challenges he faced to become so. He likes photography and writing about his life.

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