6 Tips To Make WordPress Website And Host It With MilesWeb

Stepping up into the digital space through your website is a daunting task. However, a website-building platform like WordPress will make website development an easy task for you. That is why more than 455 million websites used WordPress (WP) in 2021, and this figure will continuously grow in the upcoming few years. 

You should remember that WordPress is one of the best CMS worldwide, where you can develop a professional website. Regardless of your business niche, it is easy to develop websites with your business hallmark so that your potential consumers will see you. However, with developing a website, it is also essential to opt for a web hosting service that will help you to earn brand credibility. 

MilesWeb is the top-notch web hosting service provider in this domain that offers the best WordPress hosting plans for your WP sites. They offer managed WordPress hosting, wherein they take complete care of the server management tasks. They also provide the best cloud hosting for WordPress and many people refer to them as best WordPress hosting in India.

So, keep reading below and know how you can collaborate with them to host your websites.  

How to Develop and Host WordPress Websites With MilesWeb?

1. Define Your Website’s Niche

There are many themes and website niches available on WordPress. WP gives you the space and platform to develop a compelling website, whether it is for eCommerce or a personal blog. However, pick the niche that will help you gain a competitive edge. Why? It is because there, you have to compete with existing websites that are offering the same content to their visitors. Therefore, make sure you choose a topic that captivates the interest of your visitors. Besides, you will also not feel that updating content on your websites is tedious. 

Fact file: “Over 43.3% of all websites in the internet are on WordPress. Thus, you need to be different to stand out from the crowd.”

MilesWeb offers preconfigured WordPress, where their side does the installation of WordPress. They install a myriad of certified themes and plugins. It minimizes your effort to set up and configure WordPress to run optimally.

2. Pick the Domain Name 

The domain is an essential element that makes users recall and search on the internet. You need to research new keywords or domain names for that purpose. Also, which TLD (Top Level Domain) are you looking for? If .com is not in your checklist, go with .net, .in, .org or others. 

Then, register this domain name, and MilesWeb will not charge you a single penny for it. Moreover, MilesWeb offers a free domain name with its Prime or Multi plan of WordPress hosting. 

Note: Free domains are not available for Solo Plan. Besides, a free domain name is available for the first year, and later, renewal charges will be applicable from the second year.  

3. Collaborate with The Right Web Hosting Provider

Are you done with the website development and choosing the domain name? It is time to find the right web hosting provider MilesWeb. Purchase a plan that suits the requirements of the WordPress site and fits your budget. 

They provide you with customer support 24×7 on email and live chat. They offer good customer support to resolve technical errors you are facing. 

They are a reputable WordPress web hosting service provider that boosts the performance of your WordPress site. Moreover, you do not require installing regular WP updates with them; MilesWeb will do it for you automatically.

4. Adding Content To The WordPress Website

What do you want to display to your visitors? Add the relevant content with an engaging tone and pitch your ideas, products, or services. First, provide the title for your webpage. Make the most use of hyperlinks, multimedia content, and catchy texts. Once you are done with the content, it is time to publish and make your website live. In addition, if you want extra sections on your WordPress website like contact us, testimonials, and others, follow this same process. 

5. Customize Your Website 

Once you are done with the webpage creation, making it more presentable for your users is also necessary. For that purpose, you can customize your webpage. Go into the settings option of the WP and make relevant changes like Webpage title, Tagline, setting up a comment section, and many others. And if the customization process is complete, do not forget to save these changes. As we mentioned about adding extra sections, you can create navigation menus from the setting option. You can cross-check whether it is functioning or not in the live preview. 

6. Get An SSL Encryption

Although your website is live and ready for visitors, this digital space is full of cyber threats like DDOS attacks. Hence, you need to encrypt your WordPress site with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure it is not exposed to cyberattacks. With MilesWeb WordPress hosting, you will get free SSL encryption. 

It keeps the data between your application and users safe. For instance, your website deals with financial activities; SSL is a must to keep the site and transactions secure.

To Sum Up

WordPress is the best content management system used worldwide to develop websites. However, to earn credibility through it, a good WordPress hosting partner is required. MilesWeb emerges as the top name in this scenario providing managed WordPress hosting services at a nominal cost. Also, they offer automatic updates and free registration for these websites. Thus, they are a good WordPress hosting partner to prefer.