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ExpressVPN Review 2022 | NordVPN Vs ExpressVPN


As we got to know from the result of the ExpressVPN review, this is a top-notch service. There are a few drawbacks, but ExpressVPN itself gives us a feeling that it is certainly a good choice for all types of users.

Although we live in a risky world where anything can occur at any moment, we are always targeted by various third parties and hackers. A good VPN helps us to take back control over data. 

ExpressVPN’s servers and server Location

ExpressVPN runs its servers through 90+ countries and 150+ locations. Servers are located in North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Central America, South America, Africa.

It doesn’t reveal the exact number of servers they run, but most service providers are from the UK, around 150, and in the US, around 500. Deciding on the best IP address to use isn’t necessarily straightforward.

The best VPN locations for internet freedom, fast connections, and unblocking sports or streaming.

Finding the fastest VPN connections is tricky, and you have to follow multiple factors like; Infrastructure of the country, which affects internet speeds, VPN providers; as the number of servers increases, user overload can slow down the connection, the greater the distance between user and server, the greater the speed decreases.

Speed and Performance

 As we know, speed is the major factor in usability. It tested a 46% reduction in download speed from 470.3 Mbps to 254.4 Mbps when ExpressVPN’s recommended server was located about 1500 miles away.

ExpressVPN has averaged 135 Mbps download speed across all locations. It was tested in North America, Europe, and Asia. It has a lightning-fast, constantly optimized network.

How to test ExpressVPN Speed?

If you want to do a speed test, open up ExpressVPN on Windows or Mac; on the home screen, click hamburger menu, then click speed test and then run you can get it.

Security and privacy with Expressvpn

Just for general sense, we know that or we need to understand that no data security measures in the world can offer 100% protection.

ExpressVPN follows the best physical, technical security concerning office information storage facilities to prevent information loss, misuse, unauthorized access, or modification.

Access to user information is restricted to staff who require such access to perform their job functions. If the government wants to seize a VPN server and manage to break its disk encryption, no-log or information will tie any individual user to a particular event, website, or behavior.

Pros and Cons of ExpressVPN

  • The first one is unique. Service is provided by Express VPN International Ltd.
  • It has a kill switch that comes into play and cuts all data traffic to and from the device, ensuring no data or IP leak.
  • DNS leaks: If the network lock doesn’t work, run a DNS leak tool which is a third-party tool
  • App and VPN servers are categorized to take sensitive information. ExpressVPN does not keep logs of users’ activity.
  • ExpressVPN off router instead of through apps on individual devices, split tunneling allows one to access the internet and at the same time also use another device on the network.
  • This standard of encryption secures many government secrets around the world. Breaking it down, 256- bit key means that there are a lot of possible combinations to try to break before data can be read by anyone else.
  • ExpressVPN gives a choice of different tunneling protocols. Each protocol has pros and cons, and it will have to figure out what is optimal in speed and security.
  • ExpressVPN maintains servers in 148 cities across 94 countries. The four main regions are; Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.
  • Cost may be high: It has often been labeled as pricey. A month-to-month subscription of ExpressVPN will set back $12.95 but drops drastically as much as down to $8.32 per month.

Is Expressvpn good and safe for torrenting?

ExpressVPN has fast download speeds, unrestricted P2P traffic, and high encryption strength, ideal for safely downloading torrents. It is a great VPN for torrenting.

It’s one of the best VPNs for P2P activity, although the general lack of port forwarding may put off Seders. All VPNs are not suitable for torrenting; some throttle P2P traffic speeds or even block them together.

Others lack the security and privacy features needed to download torrents anonymously. Torrent without masking a user’s IP address puts privacy and security at risk. P2P networks could leave you open to financial or legal penalties if you are caught downloading copyrighted material.

After testing over 68 VPN services, it was found that ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for torrenting.

Does ExpressVPN unblock Netflix, Hulu, and other platforms?

ExpressVPN gives access to Netflix on every platform, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and a certain Wi-Fi router.

It is a premium VPN and among those top VPNs that can bypass Netflix without hassle and restrictions. Netflix with ExpressVPN is the best combination for streaming restricted Netflix libraries from anywhere.

These are also optimized to work seamlessly with Hulu, so there is no need to worry about privacy, security, or video quality while watching the content you want.

Is express VPN safe and secure?

ExpressVPN offers a variety of VPN protocols to make strong encryption between the computer and the VPN server location. It hides IP addresses and mixes traffic with other users.

It also encrypts users’ traffic between secure VPN servers and the Computer so that it can’t be read by third parties in between, such as internet service providers or local Wi-Fi operators.

It uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256- bit keys, also known as AES-256. It’s the same encryption standard adopted by our government and used by security experts worldwide to protect classified information.

Can you get ExpressVPN for free?

It has a 30-days-money back guarantee, so you can try it completely risk-free. It’s just a free trial; you can use any guide: Visit ExpressVPN( to learn to use the free trial option. It can help you test Express VPN out and see for the requirements and all risk-free.

Visit: Get ExpressVPN Free trial

Quick steps are as follows:

  • First, go to the Express VPN website and pick a plan to sign up.
  • Then complete the registration by submitting the billing details and payments.
  • Then use the VPN app, start using full premium features, request a refund, complete the 30-days trial period, and get your money back within a few days.

ExpressVPN plan and pricing

ExpressVPN costs $12.95 for 1 month, $59.95 for 6 months, $99.95 for 12 months. For instance, It is offering three months free when users sign up for a year’s subscription.

The best rate comes with an annual up-front payment and a rate down to $8.32 a month. Price includes all the bandwidth as much as can handle unlimited connections to the huge number of server locations anywhere around the globe.

Expressvpn customer support

ExpressVPN’s website has a live chat option, where you can leave a message to clear your doubt. It has no phone number available but tries to contact them by leaving a review in the review box. 


  • If you have any queries then visit the website:

How many devices can I use with ExpressVPN?

If a user takes one subscription, it can connect up to five different devices at any time on any platform. It’s not required that all the five are the same. You can use Computer, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, android, kindle fire, TV, router.

Can I cancel ExpressVPN anytime?

Normally- users can cancel their subscription within 30 days of the original purchase and get their full refund. They consider the full refund within that period only, but more than that, service wasn’t available or usable during the subscription period. Before going ahead with the refunding process, it needs to turn off automatic payment for the subscription.

Comparison between ExpressVPN and NordVPN

Express vpn is the fastest VPN as it was tested, but Nord VPN is about 95mpbs faster than ExpressVPN. Both are good service providers, but when it comes to cost, then Nord VPN is a great low cost with a discount and one of the fastest speeds of any streaming service.

The best thing in Express VPN is uninterrupted streaming. ExpressVPN provides so many features and customer support. Both VPNs have a huge range of unblocked geo-restricted services.

Both companies have a 30-day money-back guarantee. ExpressVPN offers three months free on a one-year term. Whether NordVPN provides a discount on a longer-term, NordVPN two-year deal also includes an additional three months free.

ExpressVPN provides five connections simultaneously, whereas NordVPN has 6. Moreover, ExpressVPN has a feature named split tunneling applied through all devices like windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire but NordVPN provides it in Windows only.

ExpressVPN beats NordVPN in the router stakes because it has its easy-to-use custom firmware that works with select routers.

Review and Conclusion

From an overall study, we know that this one is the biggest VPN on the market today. When it comes to the reviews part, it gives you maximum pros, and normally cons are also there, but users get relevant pros. We can’t judge an app through all its reviews available on the website.

30-day free trial services are also available with a full refund of money to give a realistic value to these apps. First, we should point out how it was previously and how it is now. They released a self-developed protocol called light way, which promises faster speeds and upgraded security. It has also undergone some big security and infrastructure upgrades.

ExpressVPN alternatives

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