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5 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives and Competitors in 2022


In today’s e-commerce world, you need to know as a business owner what are the things which can attract consumers to your business. Sales funnel is a term used for the journey your customer goes through while purchasing something. We can also say that it is the most important thing for an online business to have an attractive sales funnel that attracts people and guides them through the process of purchasing, and make their purchasing experience good. 

What is ClickFunnel?

ClickFunnels has been a very famous name lately known by at least every person who owns a business. It is an online platform that helps its users create unique, attractive, and professional sales funnels for their customers and is also used to make high-converting websites for their business.

If you’re someone new in the marketing industry, click funnels could be the right choice for you, which can help you generate leads, increase sales of your business, and make it a brand. Here, we’ve mentioned features of click funnels, some pros and cons associated with it, and then will be mentioning some best alternatives of click funnels because as a business owner, it is important for you to choose the best for your business.

Features of ClickFunnels

  • The main and most important feature of ClickFunnels is that it won’t force users to waste a lot of their precious time making attractive sales funnels as it presents users with a large number of interactive tools to help create sales funnels.
  • ClickFunnels provides users with pre-installed funnel options for particular products/services.
  • It provides a free month trial(Get Free Trial Now) so that you can use it and make sure whether it is the right choice for you.
  • ClickFunnels provides pre-installed templates fulfilling varying business requirements and are also customizable(Check ClickFunnels Templates).
  • ClickFunnels, through its various features, can help you generate leads and increase sales for your business.

ClickFunnels Pricing plans

Like every feature/product/service, ClickFunnels also have their own pros and cons. Pros are very similar to the features mentioned above, but ClickFunnels also has pricing features. ClickFunnels provides you with 4 types of pricing choices:

a) ClickFunnels free trial

  • 14 days free trial available(Try Now).

b) ClickFunnels $97/month plan

This one is the most basic plan with very basic features and limited templates, pages, funnels, and just 1 sub-user. (which is a bit pricey for small businesses).

  • Share funnel with others.
  • You can create 20 Funnels.
  • Create 100 pages within each funnel.
  • You can add 1 team members.
  • You can connect 3 domains in this pricing plan.
  • Visit website to know more

c) ClickFunnels $297/month plan

This is the ClickFunnels Platinum plan which provides users with a plan which has unlimited templates, pages, funnels, and 3 sub-users (which is again costly for businesses that are working on a lower level).

d) ClickFunnels $2497/month plan

This plan is called TwoCommaClub X, which has more hi-tech features. It allows users to have unlimited funnels, pages, templates, and 10 sub-users and provides 27 amazing payment gateways. However, overall, click funnels are a bit costly, especially for small businesses or businesses that are new and still figuring out about sales funnels.

Also, its very basic plan is pricey according to the services offered, so it could be the biggest con of click funnels and a reason for people to look for an alternative. Although click funnels might be the famous sales funnels designing a website, few options are available in the market. 

ClickFunnels Pros

  • 30 Day Money-back guarantee.
  • 24×7 Support.
  • If you are not satisfy with service you can cancel ClickFunnels membership plan at any time.
  • 14 days free trial available(Try Now).

Note: You can earn money using ClickFunnel Affiliate Program(Signup Now).

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 alternatives of ClickFunnels available in the market.

Best Clickfunnels alternatives

A brief list of clickfunnel alternatives we will cover in this article:

  • Thrive Themes(Most Preferred)
  • Leadpages
  • Builderall
  • 10 Minute Funnel

1. Thrive Themes


Although Thrive themes working is not as similar to click funnels because it’s more likely to be a sales funnel plugin that can only be used in WordPress. But despite these different results being the same, that is why thrive themes are considered the most economical alternatives of ClickFunnels.

  • You have to arrange a hosting service in thriving themes, but even after that, it will still cost 5 times cheaper than click funnels.
  • By hosting the pages yourself, you can own everything you’ve created even after you decide to end your membership, while Clickfunnel does not allow you this.
  • Thrive themes also provides you with 3 different plans, and if you’re a Thrive member, you can have unlimited licenses and immediate access to all themes and plugins for just $19 per month, while click funnels most basic plan is for $97.

Other than this, its prices are:-

  • 1st option: $67 a month – Get a single site license
  • 2nd option: $97 a month – Get 5 licenses
  • 3rd option: $147 a month – Get 15 licenses

Even after you arrange hosting services, thriving themes is very affordable and gives you the same result. All in all, choosing thrive themes will not disappoint you.

2. Leadpages

Leadpages Login

what is Leadpages?

Leadpages is the name that comes first in mind when we look for ClickFunnels alternatives. It is a top platform to design landing pages for websites. In lead pages, one can easily design unique and attractive landing pages without any coding. If you’re a ClickFunnel user who wants to design landing pages without extra features, then lead pages is the best alternative for you.

Leadpages Pricing Plans

Its plans are also quite affordable when compared to ClickFunnels. It comes with 4 plans:

Leadpages free trial:

Leadpages provide 14 days free trial(Get Free Trial Now).

Note: Leadpages Offer 35% OFF

Leadpages Standard plan

  • $27 /month
  • 1 site
  • Landing page builder functionality
  • Free custom domain
  • Free Hosting
  • 40+ standard integrations
  • Tech Support via Email
  • Visit website

Leadpages Pro Plan

  • $59/month
  • 3 sites
  • Include all features of the standard plan
  • A/B split testing
  • Tech Support via Email + Chat
  • Online Sales and payments
  • 10 opt-in text campaigns
  • Visit website

Leadpages Advanced plan

  •  $199 a month (billed annually)
  • Full set of features
  • Tech Support via Email + Chat + Phone
  • 1-on-1 quick start call
  • Advance integrations
  • Includes 5 sub accounts
  • Visit website

If you’re looking for a landing page builder without any extraordinary features or hard coding that can collect more and more leads for you, then lead pages are the best option for you. It is a very good choice for any e-commerce business working on a low budget.

3. Builderall


What is Builderall

Just like ClickFunnels, Builderall is also a digital marketing solution introduced by Erick Salgado. It helps new E-Commerce builders to grow their online businesses. 

Builderall has amazing features like pixel-perfect, which can help you to create beautiful web pages. It will be a waste if we talk about low-price click funnels alternatives and don’t mention Builderall. It takes over ClickFunnels because:

  • It provides a free plan (Try Free Plan) with unlimited subscribers and some great features that can be very helpful to you while creating web pages for your online business.
  • Builderall offers you a variety of templates, while in click funnels, you get a limited no. Of templates. 
  • Its premium plan is $69.90 per month with all the basic plan features and one individual live call with a specialist, affiliate marketing support, and many more.

Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall Pricing Plan

Builderall pricing start from $69/month. Builderall have different pricing plans:

  • Marketer
  • Premium WP
  • Funnel Club
  • See details

Builderall free trial: Builderall offers free trial of 14 days (Try Builderall free trial)

If it comes to choosing anyone between ClickFunnels and Builderall, Builderall is the winner because its premium plan is much cheaper than ClickFunnels basic plan.

Builderall Speed Performance

You’ve never ever seen performance like this before for a website this size. 92 Google Score on mobile and 99 Google Score on Desktop is record breaking!

Builderall Speed Performance

4. must be the first name that comes to mind while talking about click funnels alternatives. Again it is better because it provides a vast range of features with better pricing than click funnels. Other than creating a sales funnel, you can automate your email marketing campaigns, affiliate your own program, and whatnot. Without being a technology expert, you can easily launch, manage, grow and grow your online business. 

The best part about is it provides you with 4 plans while ClickFunnels provides you with 3, and also, 1 of its 4 plans is a forever free plan with some basic features.

Its plans are as follows:-

  • Free plan; $0 per month – it provides you with unlimited emails and blog posts, sales funnels, 1 membership site, 1.000 contacts, and marketing automation.
  • Startup Plan: $27 per month – It also has unlimited emails with sales funnels, blogs, 3 membership sites, 5.000 contacts, and marketing automation.
  • Webinar Plan: $47 per month – This one includes all features of the previous plan. Plus, 5 membership sites, 3 custom domains supported, and A/B testing.
  • Enterprise Plan: $97 per month- Full set of previous features along with additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

In terms of pricing, is a clear winner because its most expensive plan, which has all features included, is the same as click funnels’ most basic plan with minimum features.

5. 10 Minute Funnels

Just as the name suggests, a 10-minute funnel is all about fast creation, launching, and conversions right away. Though it is a new platform, it can be very helpful while creating mobile responsive pages in every part and also coding-free. 

It is a competitor to click funnels as:-

  • It creates mobile-responsive pages immediately
  • It provides only 2 plans to make it easier for the users to decide which one to choose.
  • It has fewer restricted features as compared to click funnels.
  • Creates more intuitive, code-free UI for pages.

Its plans are:-

  • Standard plan: $57 a month, which builds up to 20 funnels for 20.000 visitors 100 pages
  • Premium Plan: $157 a month, which has unlimited visitors, funnels, pages, and custom domains

Besides its plans, it also provides users with a 14-day free trial but not free of cost. The cost of a free trial is $1, although if you want to create an online sales funnel without investing much time and effort, then a 10-minute funnel is the right choice for you.


No one can understand your business requirements better than you, so it is upon you to choose the right sales to funnel designing a website for your e-commerce. Always remember the most popular choice doesn’t need to be your choice as well. Think and choose wisely from best alternative of ClickFunnel; the growth of your business depends upon the choices you make.

From my point of view you should go for ThriveThemes.

I hope this article appears to be helpful.

Any suggestion?

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