What is WordPress?

WordPress is software that we use to build a website or blog and publish on the internet. It is also called Content Management System (CMS). It is open-source software that is based on PHP and my SQL. Earlier it was designed as a blogging tool, but now it is used for various other things.

There is no use of coding or designing stalls for creating a website on this. Even a non-technical person can easily create a website using WordPress. There are around more than 26,000 teams, and 31,000 plugins are used to create websites. It was created back in 2003; since then, it has become one of the world’s most popular website publishing programs.

WordPress power is 30% of the entire internet. The best part about it is that it is free because it is open-source; thousands of software engineers are working on improving it day by day.

Features of WordPress

  • One can create a website without having logical skills.
  • What price provides its users with a very wide range of themes.
  • What price provides both free and premium types of plugins. Plugins add functionality to one website. It allows its users to add photos, Shopping carts, Etc.
  • Adding a blog in WordPress is easy.
  • WordPress is secure.
  • WordPress, to your surprise, is user-friendly.
  • It is really easy to use.

Pros of using WordPress

  • WordPress is easy to install and use with or little technical knowledge.
  • Thousands of themes are provided by WordPress to its users.
  • WordPress is user-friendly.
  • WordPress is easily optimizable for SEO.
  • WordPress is cheap.

Cons of using WordPress

  • WordPress explains does not have a built-in backup functionality.
  • Customer help/support desk is not so good.

 What are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins are a small piece of software containing functions, which users add to their WordPress website and add more functionality and features to the website. WordPress plugins seamlessly work with WordPress and are written in PHP programming language.

Pros of using WordPress plugins

  • Use of plugins, save time in every way.
  • Plugins help to have control over your site.
  • It helps build your brand, as the customer shares your information with their friends and family.

Cons of using WordPress plugin

  • Sometimes, WordPress plugins are not updated for a long time; because of this, there is a risk of your website getting hacked.
  • Too much use of plugins can lead your website to get slow day by day.
  • Sometimes website gets crashed because of the installation of too many plugins to your website.

 Here are the top ten WordPress plugins used by the people on the WordPress websites. These are:

  1. WP forms
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. Akismet
  4. Sprocket
  5. Optinmonster
  6. RafflePress
  7. MonsterInsights
  8. Updraftplus
  9. Word fence security
  10. All in one SEO

1. WP forms

The most common strategy used by marketers is making connections with their customers, and WP forms are one such tool that helps in that. WP Forms is a powerful WordPress tool that allows users to create contact forms for payment forms, order forms, donation forms, survey forms, etc. WP Forms is the most common WordPress tool. WP forms are user-friendly.

Features of the WP forms plugin

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Form templates
  • Mobile friendly
  • Instant end notification
  • Payment made easy
  • Marketing and subscription


  • Mobile responses
  • GDPR friendly
  • Pre-built templates are available


  • Free version has limited functionalities.

Pricing of WP Form Plugin


  • Price: $79
  • Number of sites: 1 site


  • Price: $199
  • Number of sites: 3 sites


  • Price: $399
  • Number of sites: 20 sites


  • Price: $599
  • Number of sites: Unlimited sites

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is another great WordPress plugin. Yoast SEO plugin helps its users to make the entire content of the website as SEO friendly. This plugin analyzes the blog and then provides with SEO score. It even provides suggestions to make improvements. It is the most downloaded plugin on the internet.

Features of Yoast SEO

Paragraph structure:- Yoast SEO analyses your content structure and helps deliver better content to visitors, increasing sales and leads.

Keyword density:- It even helps your website not to have too much keyword density.

Keyword used in sub-headings: – As we all know, keyword in sub-headings plays a crucial role in ranking on top of the Google page. Yoast SEO analyses And check the same headings and alerts you whether the keyboard is present or not.


-Easy to integrate metadata.

-It helps in controlling spam.

-Generates clean XML site map.

-It helps to build accurate metadata.


-It is slower than other plugins.

-Auto-generation in it still needs to be improved.



3. Akismet:

Akismet offers large-sized protection for blogs or websites, and that too is free of cost. It is really easy to set and install this plugin. Hence making it the first choice for users.

Some features of Akismet are:

-Akismet goes through all the comments automatically and filters out the ones which look like spam.

-Moderators can’t see the number of approved comments for each user.


-Akismet Is the best auntie spamming plugin used.

-It has its aunties farming filter algorithm.

-It is really easy to use.

-It is free of cost of the first 50,000 spam attacks.


No such cons.


PerosnalPay what you can
Enterprise plus$250/month

4. WP rocket:

 WP Rocket is the most powerful performance plugin in the world. It improves the performance and speed of the WordPress website. It helps users to reduce the loading time of their website instantly. No coding skills are required.

Some features of WP rocket:-

High-performance: WP rocket helps improve the performance of the website by reducing the site’s loading time.

-Easy to use: WP rocket is easy to use; one need not be perfect.

-Database optimization: This feature analyses the content and removes unnecessary things from the website.

Why is website speed crucial?

A survey shows that the website that takes more than 3-2 seconds to load loses their visitors because people do not wait long in this digital world where lights are so busy. That’s why speed is really important, and WP rocket helps in doing so.


-It is easy to use.


Single$491 year of support and updates for 1website
Plus$1991 year of support and updates for 3websites


Infinite$2491 year of support and updates for unlimited support


5. Optin Monster:-

Optin monster is the best lead generation plug-in in the market. Optin Monster converts your website traffic into leads and increases sales. Optin Monster helps in creating beautiful emails and displays them strategically on your site.

 Some features of Optin Monster are:-

1. Drag and drop builder

  • Yes/no forms
  • Mobile friendly pop-ups
  • Canvas
  • Monster effects

2. Campaign types

  • Lightbox pop-up
  • Slide-in scroll bot
  • Countdown timer

3. Campaign triggers

  • Scroll Trigger
  • Exit intent tech
  • Time display control
  • HTML elements

4. Targeted campaign


-The service provided by Optin Monster is outstanding.

-It is effortless to use.

-It works both on the WP website and other websites on your own.


-There are a few limitations with each plan.

-They have some weird CSS features.

-Doesn’t have a free version.


Basic$9/month1 site3500 pageviews
Plus$19/month2 sites15000 pageviews
Pro$29/month3 sites50000 pageviews
Growth$49/month5 sites250000 pageviews


6. Raffle press:

 Raffle press is a WordPress plug-in that lets you create viral giveaways in minutes with easy pre-built templates, drag-drop giveaway builder. Giveaways are beautifully designed and mobile responsive so that people can visit on any sized device. Raffle even integrates with a social media platform.

Some features of raffle press are:-

-Drag and drop giveaway builder 

-Viral giveaway template 

-Responsive mobile friendly widget 

-Viral sharing 

-Social media integration 

-Tracking and reporting


-It is easy to use and set up.

-Drag and drop builder available.

-100% mobile-friendly.


-It provides only a limited no of integrations.


Ultimate$359Unlimited sites
Growth$15920 sites
Pro$793 sites
Plus$391 site


7. Monster insight:

 Monster insight is one of the most popular and most acceptable tools of WordPress for google analytics. This plugging has more than two million active installs. The plug-in takes you through the process of adding, Customer raising, and managing Google analytics. Analytics plays a significant role in knowing if your audience is connecting to you or not. This plug and even helps you in how evaluating time data can help you grow your site.

Some features of monster insights are:-

-It provides real-time analytics.

-Also, it provides e-commerce reports.

-It is even GDPR friendly.

-It gives a user behavior report.

-It even provides SEO ranking reports.


-It is easy to use.

-Monster makes it easy for its users to post content on their platforms.

-The database search is powerful in monster.


-It needs to improve on data redundancy.

-It has limited free versions.


Agency$399/yearFor marketing and web development
Pro$199/yearFor e-commerce sites and business
Plus$99/yearFor small business



 8. Updraft plus:  

A draft plus is a WordPress plug-in that is used for backing up and restoring the data. It has over 3 million currently-active installs. Updraft plus plug-in backups your files into the cloud and re-stores them all with a single click.

 Some features of updraft plus are:-

-It provides scheduling.

-It supports both manual and automated backups.

-It updates about the next scheduled backup.

-Updraft vault storage.

-It provides 1 GB free storage with the option of purchasing more in case anybody needs it.

-Remote storage option.

-It provides a remote storage option that is you can store your files, data on dropbox, Drive, etc.


-It provides encryption of the database for security.


-Restore in few clicks.

-Encrypted backups.

-One GB free storage.


-It provides no automated scheduled backups.


Personal$701gb updraft vault plus2 licenses
Business$951gb updraft vault plus


10 licenses
Agency$1451gb updraft vault plus


35 licenses
Enterprise$1951gb updraft vault plus


Unlimited license
Gold$39950gb updraft vault plus


Unlimited license



9. Word fence security:

 Word fence security is a security plug-in for WordPress websites. It has various features for site owners to protect their website from any disturbing elements.

Some features of word fence security are:-

-It checks our files.

-Checks SEO spams.

-It even checks terrible URLs.


-It has malware scamming with learning mode.

-The plug-in is optimized for maximum performance.


-Automated website teen up to not included.

Pricing :

Active license countDiscountPrice per license



10. All-in-one SEO:

SEO works on bringing more visitors or traffic to your website. AIOSEO has used over 2 million websites.AIOSEO offers very comprehensive features and tools that you need to improve your on-page SEO.

Some features of AIOSEO are:-

-Local SEO.

-RSS content.

-Smart XML site maps.

-Social media integration.

-SEO audit checklist.

-Video SEO site maps.


-The design is bright, open, and modern.

-SEO audit is great.

-Option for customizing meta descriptions is even great.


– It has all the features present inside the UI but on unusable.

Pricing :


  • $49/year
  • 1 site



  • $99/year
  • 3 sites



  • Price: $199/year
  • Number of Sites: 10 sites


  • Price: $299/year
  • Number of sites: 100 sites




WordPress plug-ins are the main part of WordPress. A website can have any number of plug-ins. Plug-ins are really helpful to the website and for the website.

Whether you’re running a blog, an e-commerce site, or any other small business, plugins will help you create a perfect WordPress Website. These plugins are used to provide growth to your blog or business. All these plugins offer compatibility with other WordPress Plugins.
There is no need to use all of the listed plugins, and you may use the WordPress Plugins depending on your business requirements.
Plugins are the best tools that help you to make the most out of the WordPress CMS.

We highly recommend that you always download plugins directly from the official WordPress Plugin directory, i.e., WordPress.org, or use the links mentioned in our articles, which now take you to the official WordPress Plugin website.
Hurry up! And try them out.
So that’s a wrap-up of the list for the best WordPress Plugins. Also, you can recommend us any other best WordPress Plugins; which would you recommend?

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