Top 7 Best Web hosting Services For 2022

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a global hosting category that permits every individual and organization to publish their web services to everyone via the World Wide Web (www). 

Fundamentally, it is a platform that lets the consumer upload the website easily and effectively. 

When you enroll yourself in a web hosting site or program, you must save all the files that you make on your website. It can include Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), images, files, and other scripting files.

In this, a domain name is very necessary because it gives you a unique id to specify your website, which is called an (Internet Protocol) IP address; dots usually separate it.

In case you do not have a domain, then the hosting companies help you in purchasing those domains because you can host with the companies themselves, and this can be performed through:

● Website Building Tool

● Databases

● Email Accounts 

● FTP File Upload

● Websites

Why do we require web hosting?

We require it because when you launch your new website, you require a platform via which it reaches people, and you can alert the users about it, i.e., you require hosting services. That means they are giving you a void to fill on their physical server where you can entrepot the files and data necessary for your website to work properly. 

Web Hosting requires a powerful server and internet that can easily provide services without any problem to the user. All of this requires a little experience, and this article will help you reach the requirements and the basics for the same. It will also help you to find the “Top 7 Web Hosting of 2022.”

Top 7 Web Hosting

The top 7 Web Hostings of 2022 are as follows:

● Godaddy

● Bluehost

● Cloudways 

● Hostinger

● HostGator

● SiteGround 

● Weebly

1. Godaddy

It is one of the most famous web hosting currently. They believe in making the internet available for everyone in a one-stop solution. It is also the world’s largest and trusted website. It allows you to use SEO tools that are helpful for the user. You can easily and quickly create your website without any issues. It is cheap, and no other website can stand it out when it comes to security.

GoDaddy Pros:

● Affordable prices.

● One-click WordPress installation is available.

● Many payment options are available.

● It gives you a bonus for signing up.

Godaddy Cons:

● They charge restoration fees.

Godaddy Pricing and Plans:

Website security(SSL)YesYesYesYes
Custom Domain ConnectionsYesYesYesYes
On-The-Go editingYesYesYesYes
24/7 supportYesYesYesYes
Guidance and analyticsYesYesYesYes
Social Media Platforms13unlimitedunlimited
Social Posts and Responses520unlimitedunlimited
Email Marketing10050025.00025.000
Branded Content CreatorYesYesYesYes
Product ListingsNoNoNoYes
Flexible PaymentsNoNoNoYes
Flexible Shipping OptionNoNoNoYes


It is one of the best web hostings as it allows the user with 24/7 customer support. It mainly focuses on WordPress hosting services. Anyone can use it as it is flexible for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. It releases discounts during the first year, which makes it famous among beginners. They also provide you one free WordPress Site Migration.

● No hidden fees.
● 24/7 customer care.
● Guaranteed uptime 99.99%.
● Wide variety of Web Hosting plans.

● Charge a high domain renewal price.
● Response time is average.
● Offers a small amount of space on the basic plan.
● Daily backup is required for more safety.

Pricing and Plans:

PlanBasicPlus PlanChoice PlusPro Plan
Websites1 siteunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Website Space50GBunmeteredunmeteredunmetered
Spam Alert & Domain Privacynot includednot includedincludedincluded
Site Backupnot includednot includedincludedincluded
Dedicated IPnot includednot includednot includedincluded



It is a boon for the starters as it provides a great choice if you want to make your website famous and reach it to maximum people. That is done with just one-click word press installation or server management with the option of host and servers with a pack of reasonable prices. It can be used by a beginner or an advanced user also which makes it flexible for all. Highly recommended for the bloggers.


● Simplified pricing.

● Cloud host variety.

● Performance is remarkable.

● Worry-free experience.


● No Email hosting.

● No domain name registration.

● Complex setup.

● Limited trial period.

Pricing and Plans:

Server NameRAM(GB)Processor






Monthly Price





When it comes to a web host provider, then hostinger is the best choice as it has the minimum and affordable prices that you can even pay by sharing. You can easily buy a website at a reasonable price and low price, and you can still share the cost of that website with someone else. Hence, it is budget-friendly.


● Free domain.

● Unlimited features.

● Responsive support.

● Great introductory price.


● No daily backup.

● Unclear refund policy.

● Lack of cPanel.

● Live chat access.


Pricing and Plans:

Plan FeaturesStartupProfessionalEnterprise
SSD Storage200GB250GB300GB
CPU Cores2 crore4 crore6 crore
Isolated ResourcesYesYesYes
Free Domain RegistrationYesYesYes
Free Dedicated IPYesYesYes
Free SSL CertificateYesYesYes
Email Accounts100100100
Cache ManagerYesYesYes
1- Click InstallerYesYesYes
Daily BackupYesYesYes
Access managerYesYesYes
99.99% uptime guaranteeYesYesYes
24/7/365 SupportYesYesYes
Inode count200000028000003200000
Database size6GB6GB6GB
Early Processes50100150
Active Processes100200300



It provides you with a great platform where you can buy their website at a reasonable price. It is user-friendly Hosting because it provides you with an opportunity for great customer service. It is preferred for beginners, and it is very easy to use as it provides you with many tutorials, offers, webinars, etc., on how to get started with a blog. That becomes eye-catching for initiators.


● Storage capacity.

● The business account is the best deal.

● Customer service is good.

● They are affordable.


● Billing is not easy.

● The User Interface is not that good.

● Renewals are confusing.

● Security Issues.

Pricing and Plans:

CPU2 crore4 crore6 crore
Bandwidth & disc spaceunmeteredunmeteredunmetered
Local CoachingYesYesYes
Dedicated IPNoNoYes
FREE SSL CertificateYesYesYes
FREE DomainYesYesYes
Sub DomainsUnlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Parked DomainsNounlimitedunlimited
99.9%uptime guaranteeYesYesYes
45-day money-back guaranteeYesYesYes
$200 search engine marketing creditsYesYesYes
FREE emailYesYesYes
Free MyBQL transfer and script transferYesYesYes
FREE Positive SSL UpdateNoNoYes


It is a perfect hosting for people with long-term use as it provides you with an incredible uptime rate of (99% uptime). It safeguards your system from malware, cookies, etc., and also provides you with the feature of daily backups. It gives you the chance to clear your doubts anytime as it is accessible 24/365 (a live chat support feature). It also has reasonable prices.


● Free domain name.

● Free encrypt SSL.

● Easy Cpanel Interface.

● Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.


● Webspace capped at 10GB-30GB.

● GrowBig and GoGeek require managed hosting features. 

● Security could be an issue.

Pricing and Plans:

Allowed Website1unlimitedunlimited
Monthly Visitors-10,00025,000-100,000
SSD Storage10 GB20 GB40 GB
UltraFast PHPNoNoYes
Email Accountsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
FTP Accountsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Free SSLlet’s encryptlet’s encryptlet’s encrypt
Free CDNCloudflareCloudflareCloudflare
SuperCatcher CatchingStaticStatic, dynamic & memcachedStatic, dynamic & memcached
Daily Backups & RestoreYesYes + on-demand backupsYes + on-demand backups
Staging AreaNoYesYes
Git RepositoryNoNoYes
Add CollaboratorsNoYesYes
Refund Policy30 days30 days30 days
Priority SupportNoNoYes
Monthly Price$6.99/month$9.99/month$14.99/month



Unlike all the web hosting providers, it gives you a chance to get up easily, fast, and at lower prices. It is easy to use and easy to start with; It is one of the most famous bloggers today. It also provides advanced web masters with great features like SSL certificate installations, etc.


● Easy to use.

● Pre-Created page outlet.

● Userfriendly.

● Mobile responsive.


● Not preferable to bloggers.

● Limited customization.

● Basic elements are not up to mark.

● Help can be expensive.


Pricing and Plans:

Weebly PlansFreeProBusiness
Yearly Price$0.00/mo$12.00/mo$25.00/mo
Disc Storage500MBUnlimitedUnlimited
SSL SecurityYesYesYes
Connect DomainNoYesYes
Free DomainNoYesYes
Transaction Fees3%0%
Add Products25 productsUnlimited
Suitable ForFlyer WebsiteSmall Business/Online StoreEverything and more

Types of Web Hosting

It is important to understand that every website requires a different platform to work and host your website. You have to look upon all the required aspects like the kind of services your website needs, your monetary fund, server requirements by the user and the business, and the services that your web host offers. 

There are 4 Web Hosting that is available:

● Shared Hosting

● Dedicated Hosting

● Collocated Hosting

● Website Builders


-Shared Hosting 

It is one of the most effective, user-friendly, and affordable Hosting because it allows the user and the owner to share the price to operate the server. It allows you to work with others simultaneously, including the software application and physical server. Due to this, it has a con that it is slow.


-Dedicated Hosting

It is effective for those users who tend to have a lot of information to share regarding their web service. You are the owner of the work you are doing, no one else will be responsible for your faults, and you do not have to share them with other website holders. It allows you to work faster because you are the one handling everything at that time. That requires high security.


-Collocated Hosting

It is user-friendly and easy to use Hosting. It allows you to download or install any application that you require, and also, you can have full access to the server, which is the biggest advantage of this Hosting. You have to purchase the server and get it housed at a web hosting facility. It allows 


-Website Builders

It is a platform that allows users to host a website unaware of the technical terms and knowledge for the same. It serves you with an online browser-based interface to build your website. It also allows you to host the website without any additional setup.

( is a website builder service provider. It is free of cost, and you can create your website from anywhere and at any time).


Which Web Hosting should you choose?

It is difficult for many users to decide which web hosting will be the best for their website because of different prices, storage, safety, features, etc. Before choosing any web hosting, think of all these questions so that you can choose what is best for you and you can see which will help you make a profit: 

● Does it have SSL Certificates?

● Does it provide 24/7 customer support services?

● Does it have a developer tool?

● Does it provide you with a variety like cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting, etc.?

● How much does it cost you?

● Will it provide you technical support?

● Will it be able to accommodate the level of traffic according to your market research?

● Will it be able to look upon your long-term contract or not?

● Also, check the customer reviews on that. 


Facts of Web Hosting 

● The top 10 hosting companies in the world control 24% of the web hosting market.

● GoDaddy holds onto a whopping 6.3% of all websites hosted online, with Amazon Web Services right behind at 4.4%.

● The United States has the highest number of hosted domains with over 107 million, with Germany in second with over 7 million, and China in third with over 4 million.

● Hosting companies tend to be domestic, meaning website owners like to use local web hosts.

● More than 60 web hosting brands, including Top Companies such as BlueHost, HostGator, and iPage, are encompasses by Endurance International Group(EIG).



We will conclude as Web Hosting is a web service provider that allows you to make your website and make it accessible to everyone. You can also store the files and data very easily. It is user-friendly: you have to be cautious about your handlings. It has been a blessing for many users since the internet stepped into the market. It is cheap, which makes it easily accessible to all. Due to this, it will soon be one of the most important elements of human history from the world of technology. Anyone can share it, or you can handle it; it is flexible in either way. 

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