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100+ Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners in 2022

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the advancement of grossing a commission by encouraging other people’s company, product, services, etc. This article will give you a glimpse of affiliate marketing; what are affiliate marketing sites and the best affiliate programs sites currently in this field for the same?

In simple words, it is when you like a product very much, and then you promote it to other people and companies to earn profit for every sale that you make by selling that product. It is a marketing strategy used to promote the product and services to as many people as possible and provide them with their services.

It is considered the most satisfying and trusted way of approaching the appreciated automated revenues that is passive income that directly leads to revenue sharing. It is also considered the best way of earning money online. Also, if someone is looking to make a career out of it, it is one of the best choices you can consider. 

According to a survey done by AM Navigator, 40% of the marketing professionals quote affiliate marketing as the most desired digital skill.

How does affiliate marketing work?

We explained affiliate marketing above, and now we will see how affiliate marketing works?

It is a strategy that is used to spread the details and name of the product to make it famous, making it in reach of every person.

There are four simple steps for doing that:

  • Join an best affiliate programs.
  • Pick up a product that suits you and your niche.
  • You share it, promote it and make it famous.
  • When someone purchases the product, then you get paid well.

Either way, it is a good and safe way of making money.

Various stages of affiliate marketing

It is essential to understand that every marketing has some stages so did this which are:

  • An online buyer wants to purchase an item.
  • He will search for that product on an affiliate site.
  • He is then directed to the merchant’s site, where the product details are available.
  • The buyer purchases the product, and he gets paid.

Why do we need affiliate marketing, and why is it important?

  • It allows you to make passive income: For online entrepreneurs, it is a primary goal to make passive income. Not only can you use it from anywhere around the globe.
  • It teaches you about the online business: Affiliate marketing and its sites are the best way of understanding the online business. You just have to sign up and get started.
  • There’s no pressure on the customer about it: If you have trouble dealing with the customer, you have to remember that it is crucial to understand what the customer needs from the product and always be honest with them.
  • It allows a creator to make a good living: According to Niel Patel, you can use affiliate marketing as a fuel for creation. You get to use the product first, understand what it is and how it works, and then try to promote it by sharing your experience.

What are Best Affiliate Marketing Sites and Programs?

We understood what affiliate marketing was. Now it becomes important to understand what are the tenets of promoting it.

It is a platform that allows revenue sharing between online advisers/ merchants and online publishers/ salespeople. The compensation here is based on performance measures, typically in the form of sales, clicks, registrations, or a hybrid model. Simply, it analyses your sales and the reach that you made to sell the product according to which you get paid.

Affiliate program includes various categories in which the customer is interested: Fashion, Travel, Sports, Health & Beauty, Web Hosting, Fitness, VPNs, Email Marketing services, etc.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you.

#1. The number one affiliate program is Fiverr

Fiverr Affiliate

  • Signup Link: Click here
  • Payouts: $15-$150
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

It is one of the best affiliate programs that are easy to promote and covers all the bases. It is just like the Amazon of digital services. When you sign up for Fiverr, then you get a chance to promote the world’s biggest marketplace for online services. It has various categories, from logo designing and writing to programming, WordPress gigs, and business services, and the options are limitless.

Fiverr affiliate payouts

Fiverr affiliate payouts

What are the best Web Hosting affiliate programs?

Web Hosting is one of the world’s most popular and known affiliate marketing categories. It is a podium where you can store your data, information, visit websites, and you can access it anytime and anywhere. This can be reached to anyone as it is a World Wide Web(www) network system that allows you to do all you want to do. This is the best platform to start your business.

7 Best Web Hosting affiliate program

Following are the top paid web hosting affiliate programs:

AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program

AccuWeb Hosting

  • Sign up link: Click here
  • Payouts: $25 up to $200 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

Since its inception in 2003, AccuWeb Hosting has been providing the most reliable hosting services to its global clients. AccuWeb offers a high-paying web hosting affiliate program where affiliates sign up for free and earn a commission of up to $200 per sale.

In addition, they pay a Pay-Per-Click commission per visitor referred to their website. Additionally, they provide all the attractive marketing materials and training videos to help their affiliates promote hosting services.

AccuWeb Affiliate Features:
  • Upto $200 per sale
  • PPC commission
  • Extended 90 days cookie life
  • A wide range of affiliate banners and other marketing materials
  • Training materials and videos
  • Free to join affiliate program
  • Fully supportive expert affiliate team

2. Bluehost Affiliate Program


  • Signup Link: Click here
  • Payouts: $65/Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

Bluehost is a leading web hosting company. Affiliates get $65 commission for new customers, with cookies lasting 60 days. It is a popular and easy-to-use web hosting that is 24/7 available for anyone. It is a 1-Click WordPress install. Free SSL certificate included. It also provides a free domain for 1st year.

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Bluehost affiliate features

  • Free to join
  • Reliable tracking
  • 60 days cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate manager for each affiliate
  • They pay $65/Sale(Sometimes $100/sale)
  • Join now

3. Hostinger Affiliate Program

hostinger affiliate

  • Signup Link: Click here
  • 60% from every sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

It is the most affordable web hosting that provides the best choices at a minimum and reasonable cost. It is budget-friendly. It also provides a free domain and unlimited features. Along with that, it has unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Hostinger affiliate features

  • Free to join
  • Reliable tracking
  • 30 days cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate manager for each affiliate
  • They pay 60% from every sale
  • Join now

4. CloudWays Affiliate Program

Cloudways Affiliate

  • Signup Link: Click here
  • Payout: Up to $125
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

It is considered as the best choice for the freshers who want to get their website famous in a shorter time frame. Its performance is remarkable, and it can be used by both beginners and advanced-stage users. It is highly recommended for bloggers. It also comes up with a flexible scanning option.

CloudWays affiliate features

  • Free to join
  • Reliable tracking
  • 90 days cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate manager for each affiliate
  • Get 15% Lifetime recurring commission
  • They pay up to $200/sale
  • Join now

5. HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator affiliate

  • Signup Link: Click here
  • Payout: $65-$125
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

It has great customer service, which makes it user-friendly as well as it has low prices that is affordable for all and by all. It comes up with various tutorials for the same. This is indeed an eye-catching web hosting for the initiators.

HostGator Affiliate features

  • Free to join
  • Reliable tracking
  • 60 days cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate manager for each affiliate
  • They pay $65-$125/sale
  • Join now

HostGator Affiliate Commission rate:

  • 1-5 sales per month: $65/sale
  • 6-10 sales per month: $75/sale
  • 11-20 sales per month: $100/sale
  • 21+ sales per month: $125/sale

6. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

a2 hosting

  • Signup Link: Click here
  • Payout: $55-$125
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

If you want to speed along with the lower price, then this is the best option for you. This is user-friendly as it is easy to use. It is regarded best for bloggers. It comes with many advantages like an SSL certificate, pre-created outlet, enhanced element, etc. They provide shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting.

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A2 Hosting affiliate features

  • Free to join
  • Reliable tracking
  • 60 days cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate manager for each affiliate
  • You can earn as tier 2 affiliate in this program and you will earn $5/sale for tier 2.
  • They pay $55-$125/sale
  • Join now

A2 hosting affiliate payouts

  • 1-10 sales per month: $55/sale
  • 11-15 sales per month: $75/sale
  • 16-20 sales per month: $100/sale
  • 21+ sales per month: $125/sale

7. GoDaddy Affiliate Program


It is the most famous and known web hosting currently. It gives the user the freedom of being accessible to all. It gives users the freedom to use the SEO tool which is needed by all. No other website can be compared with this website. Moreover, it is cheap and reliable to use for beginners and professionals.

MilesWeb’s Hosting Affiliate Program

MilesWeb Affiliate Program

  • Sign Up link: Click Here
  • Payouts: $13 to $65 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 365 days

MilesWeb is the leading, affordable, and highly-rated web hosting service provider catering to any of your web hosting requirements. 24×7 managed services, free domain and secured web hosting plans are their major USPs.

They put more money into your pocket through their affiliate program for every sale you make. Any individual or organization can join MilesWeb’s affiliate program. Tap the potential of your referring power and make more sales just with a single click. Get perks like:

  • Zero registration frees
  • $13 signup bonus
  • Instant tracking
  • Affiliate consultation
  • Creative banners to generate leads
  • Click to Join

What is VPN, and what are its programs?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is basic programming used to secure and encrypt a connection over a public network. With this, you can safely send and receive the data over the computer and internet.

With this program, your earning becomes easier when you are promoting an award-winning VPN. It provides you generous commissions and fast payouts. It gives you sales tips & supports conversion rate optimization.

Since 2013, approximately 25% of global internet users using a VPN every month. Due to this, it has been so famous that the readers are setting up a private internet. VPN is a secure network that allows users to use Wi-Fi and other services without hesitation.

5 Best VPN Affiliate Programs 

Some examples of the best affiliate programs are:

8. PureVPN Affiliate Program


  • Signup Link: Click here
  • Payout: Up to 50%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

It is one of the most used VPN because it has fun programs with contests. They also give rewards. They offer 100% for the first month and then it becomes 40%. PureVPN Affiliate program provide 2 tier affiliate system.

PureVPN Affiliate features

  • Best VPN affiliate program
  • Real time tracking
  • PureVPN users will be allowed to gift up to 12 free PureVPN monthly accounts to the people they care the most.
  • Provide 2 tier affiliate program.
  • PureVPN offers a 50% commission with a 90-day cookie policy.
  • Join Now

9. StrongVPN Affiliate Program


  • Signup Link: Click here
  • Payout: Up to 200%
  • Cookie Duration: 30-day

It has been there since 2006, and it also has a popular affiliate program. They pay every month and a payout of about 200% for sales generated.

StrongVPN Affiliate features

  • Best VPN affiliate program
  • Real time tracking
  • StrongVPN offers a 200% commission with a 30-day cookie policy.
  • Join Now

10. NordVPN Affiliate Program

NordVPN Affiliate

  • Signup Link: Click here
  • Payout: 40%-100%
  • Cookie Duration: 30-day

They are based on the subscription plan that the user has issued, including 100% at a month and 40% for later. They also help in driving sales.

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NordVPN Affiliate features

  • Best VPN affiliate program
  • Real time tracking
  • NordVPN offers a 40%-100% commission with a 30-day cookie policy.
  • Join Now

11. IPVanish Affiliate Program

It is considered the best VPN service as it is the best payout policy that a user wants. For the 1st month, it is 100%, and later that reduces to a handsome and reasonable package.

12. SurfShark VPN Affiliate Program

Surfshark VPN

It is one of the leading VPNs currently, and they make sure that they fulfill the aim of online privacy easy for everyone. It also allows access to various services that are blocked or can’t be searched easily.

Best Website Affiliate Programs

After web hosting and VPN, there are some more famous website builders like:

13. Wix Affiliate Program


  • $100 per sale+
  • Cookies:  90 days
  • Simple, cheap, Popular, multiple languages, high-quality website. 

14. Shopify Affiliate Program

  • 200% Commission
  • Cookies:  90 days
  •  Promotion ideas, popular, stable conversion rates.

15. Weebly Affiliate Program


  • 30% Recurring Commission
  • Cookies:  120 days
  •  Impressive, good drag and drop inbuilt, quick.

16. Alidropship Affiliate Program


  • 50%/sale
  • Cookies:  30 days
  • Impressive, good drag and drop inbuilt, quick.
  • Prompt payments, high commission, various editing options.

17. Shellfy Affiliate Program


  • 25% recurring
  • Cookies:  90 days
  • Digital products, collaboration, recurring commission.

What is Affiliate Networks?

To understand the meaning of affiliate networks, it is important to know the meaning of networks. The network is the intermediate process of sharing the data, either sending or receiving; it includes the computers, devices, servers, etc. One of the most famous and known examples is the internet, used by everyone and known by everyone. It is the trusted means of getting connected.

Now, what do you mean by affiliate networks? It is a bridge that connects two people, one is the seller, and one is the promoter of the same product. By this, the buyer can reach out to more and more people. It also allows you to compare the commissions of various programs; you can keep track of all the affiliate links and platforms, etc.

How to decide which affiliate program is best for you?

Is it coming from high payment merchants:

Take an example as if you are taking the deal with a merchant who is going to pay less even after your good selling networks, then that merchant is not worth it whereas, on the other hand, the merchant commission payment ranges from 5%- 30%, which is reasonable for the product promoter.

Are they providing a high level of customer support system?

It is obvious that every network tries to provide the best customer support system to the user. So before going for anyone, keep in mind that they are providing you 24/7 services, or can they be used from anywhere and at any time?

Are they free of cost for all the users?

This is one of the benefits of being a new member of an affiliate network. It provides you free-of-cost sign-in, and still, if you see that someone is charging you for the same, then it’s suggested that you turn over the deal and look for other beneficial and good deals.

What are the best affiliate networks?

19. Impact affiliate networks

It is software that has PMR(partnership management relationship) that helps in the connection of parties for better understanding. These include some top and most famous brands like Uber, Adidas, Nike, NameCheap, etc. Basically, it is the best program if you want a partnership. 

This network manages:

  • Business growth ideas
  • Attraction towards marketing sites
  • Analysation
  • Partnerships

20. ShareaSale affiliate networks

It is considered one of the easiest networks, and it is preferred for beginners as it is simple to use the website and easy to work on. It gives you $2 on every new subscriber, and also it provides you with a 30 days cookie since it has been almost two decades for this network, so it automatically becomes reliable for the users.

The benefit of using this network:

  • Huge affiliate networks
  • Excellent features
  • Highly recommended for the beginners
  • Trusted technology

21. CJ by Conversant affiliate networks

CJ (commission junction) by conversant has been a networking site in this field for over 20 years. Annually their income is about $15 billion, and the amount that is paid to the affiliates is about $1.8 billion, which is itself a huge amount. If you have to promote the world’s leading and famous brands, then this network is for you. 

Benefits of being a part of it:

  • It has all named brands under this network itself
  • High and monthly payments are provided on time
  • It is free, so the new user has no hesitation
  • Outstanding customer service

22. Lemonads affiliate networks

It is considered the world’s best networking site in terms of connection as it can promote many businesses at a single time. It builds a good relationship between the provider and the receiver. It includes high-rated companies like Amazon, Norton, etc.

Advantages of using this network:

  • Publishers increase their revenues within months 
  • Good customer support
  • Quick payment option 
  • Provides a good platform for promotion of the product
  • It can detect frauds by using the AI technique

What are the best recurring program (affiliate)

You pay once for the promotion by a single payment option; meanwhile, the customer has to make the same monthly payments to keep up the momentum.

23. Pabbly Affiliate Program

Pabbly Affiliate Program

One of the best recurring affiliate programs because it allows you to have a platform where you can easily focus on the growth of the business. It gives you 30% of the recurring commission for a lifetime.

24. IPVanish Affiliate Program

It provides an end-to-end encrypted platform for user’s convenience. It also gives you one of the best payouts from the other programs. They have an excellent management system which helps in the growth of the marketing business.

25. ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

ActiveCampaign Affiliate

It is an email marketing software that gives the payment to the person according to a recurring basis. Their payoff commission can go up to 30%, and it depends on the number of sales that you do. It also has a good management system.

26. Wordable Affiliate Program

WWordable Affiliate Program

It supports the service OS (SAAS) software to allow the user to publish their content instantly and directly from google docs to the content management system(CMS) that includes many services and ease. They will pay you 30% of what they will get as a commission, and this commission gets increased when the sales get higher.

27. Moosend Affiliate Program

MMoosend Affiliate Program

 This recurring affiliate programming has the highest days of cookies which are 120 days. They also pay you off with a 30% commission on every sale that you make. It is a famous email marketing tool, and it is helpful and friendly with users.  

28. Leadpages Affiliate Program

LeadPages Affiliate Program

It is a program that leads you from one place to another as if you clicked on a link, and it will take you directly to that page. It is a page builder that has the option of landing. They also have a feature of repeating for over 30%. 

29. Teachable Affiliate Program

It is also a repeating platform where you can make it up to 30%. It is a learning platform where you can understand and acquire the skills through online teaching, i.e., a learning bond between a teacher and a student in online mode. Bloggers mainly use it.

30. Promo Republic Affiliate Program

If you believe in time management and are a busy person, then this program is for you because it has a feature that allows you to build a schedule. It is best for social media users. They give you gift coupons and rewards according to your growth; this is the most attractive feature of this program, along with that they offer 30% on every sale that you make. 

31. Ninja Outreach Affiliate Program

This program provided the highest commission at its time, 50%, but now it has reduced to 20% for their profits. It is based on the email tactics program when you write an email and try to influence them through it. It is also known as an all-in-one influencer tool.

32. Spy Fu Affiliate Program

It is one of the competitive programs of the insights that includes SEO tools. They give a commission of about 40% to the users. You can also download the data from their tools. 

33. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnel Affiliate Program

It is also a landing page builder that allows you to jump from one page to another with just one click. It gives you a commission of about 40%, which is a good one. They have ads and courses that attract users to invest their time with this program.

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What is the meaning of the recurring payment?

The recurring payment is a payment model where the customers authorize the merchant to pull funds from their accounts automatically at regular intervals for the goods and services provided to them on an ongoing basis.

In Affiliate terms, The Recurring payment model is a model in which if a user clicks on your link and buys the product and continues the subscription for the next month also the affiliates will get some commission every month from that customer.

It is considered that monthly subscription packs are best for users because it allows you to decide that you want to continue next month or you will take a break because it has (SaaS) Software as a Service feature inbuilt in it.

It includes 6 monthly recurring revenues:

  • New MRR
  • Total MRR
  • Expansion MRR 
  • New new MRR
  • Churn MRR
  • MRR growth

Recurring Commission Pros and Cons



It has low churn rates which makes it more reliable for the user, with this the user can be consistent and do much better.The buyer can churn fastly which will affect your earnings.

Best Travel affiliate program

The name says it all when it comes to traveling; why to call people for confirmation and suggestions. Traveling is something that everyone loves and makes that happen quickly. These affiliate programs were designed to reach other people easily and get the deal they deserve.

These programs provide packages that are affordable to tourists. They also offer categories according to which a person can set the cost, no. of people, rating, feedbacks, fooding, lodging, laundry, etc. 

These sites include reviews that help the user to analyze the destination and the accommodations quickly. Commissions are also paid, but they are either paid at the time of checkout or at the time of bookings; this varies according to the site from which you are taking the deal.

BrandsCommission StructureCookie Duration
TripAdvisor50%14 days
TravelpayoutsUpto 80%30 days
Expedia2-6%7 days
Marriott3-6%7 days 
Travelocity2-4%45 days
Priceline3-5%30 days
Hotels.com4%7 days
Hotwire2%7 days
Bookings.com4%On browser close

Traveling sites explained:

34. TripAdvisor affiliate

TripAdviser Affiliate Program

It is an American travel-based company that includes websites and mobile app-generated content, and it is also a comparison deal striking site. It can be operated from anywhere and at any time; all you need is a destination and internet to get the results and system worked.

You can make reservations for restaurants, hotels, and even motels; it allows you to do everything efficiently. It is one of the best travel sites, or you can say no.1 website for traveling, most of the people prefer this site over the other sites. It provides you with a commission of over 50% and a cookie limit for 14 days.

35. Travelpayouts affiliate

TravelPayouts Affiliate

It is regarded as the ideal travel site to monetize the traveler’s demand. It is a pay-per-action travel affiliate networking site used by customers for traveling. Not only this, but it also includes brands affiliate programs. In this, you can promote to earn coupons and money.

It submerges a wide range of services and travel platforms like, Airbnb, etc. In this, the cookie duration time is for 30 days. With this app, you get a commission of over 80%, reducing 1.6% for the airplanes and 6% for the hotels.

36. Expedia affiliate

Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia is a global traveling site that is known by most traveling users. It is a parent company for the other companies that are included in the above-given list. It is also an American traveling company that can be used from all around the globe.

37. Marriott affiliate

It offers you many great deals to travel the world. They are also a known affiliating site that the affiliates promote to get as many people from the program. Their offer is about 3% on the vacation packages and 4-6% on the hotels. The length of the cookie duration time for this program is 7days.

38. Travelocity affiliate

Travelocity is for those travelers who like to explore more at a reasonable and low cost as they provide matching, cheap and moderate prices. Their commission varies from about 2% to 4% complete deal offer. The cookie duration for Travelocity is for 45-days lengths.

39. Priceline affiliate

They provide you the lowest prices on hotel bookings and other accommodations like lodging, food and it also includes good facilities. They make an offer of about 3% to 5% for commission. Their cookie duration is for 30 days.

40. affiliate

It is a pro app if you have to travel abroad and want to have cheap deals with the best quality to avoid wasting money on hotels. This app provides you the facility of using different languages, and the total no. of languages that can be used is 35. Not only the language has an advantage with this app, but also it has 85 websites that allow you to search for excellent offers. They have about 15 million members. The commission provided by them is 4%, and the cookie duration is for 7 days. 

41. Hilton affiliate 

Hilton is for those travelers who demand leisure and put luxury before money because their site contains all the luxuries and the best of the city hotels. They also have a wide range of properties that attracts net surfers. The commission rate for their site is 4%, and the cookie length is about 7 days which is impressive.

42. Hotwire affiliate

When you are in a hurry and do not know where to stay or how to travel, and want to make your dream come true of traveling. This affiliate program is designed for you as it will give you the chance of booking the hotels and other accommodation like flight tickets at a lower cost and a reasonable price as well as; if you join this affiliate program, you can earn some money along with traveling. Their commission rate is 2%, and the cookie duration time is 7 days.

43. affiliate

It is an affiliate program that will offer you tremendous deals on hotel booking, flight bookings, properties, car rentals, etc. When you join this program, it will allow you to be a part of a large network with 2.2 million properties. Their commission rate is about 4%, and the cookie duration varies from 7 days.  

Finance and Credit Card Affiliate Programs

They are popular by the title of ‘Highest Paying Affiliate Programs’ of the market. Credit Cards are the need of today’s world, it not only allows you to have a cashless transaction but also gives you the opportunity to track down your transactions and billings.

Following are some sites that will help you get started:

44. Bankrate Credit Card

Note: CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA offers based on the type of credit card.


Note: Affiliate network connecting you with credit card offers.


Commission: Many different payouts are based on the type of credit card.

47. Commission Soup

Note: Affiliate network connecting you with credit card offers.

48. Equifax

Commission: $10-$40.

Cookie Duration: 30 days.

49. Freshbooks

Commission: $5 cost per lead, $ 55 per customer.

Cookie Duration: 120 Days.

50. Liberty Mutual

Commission: $3-$17 cost per lead, based on the type of insurance.

51. Net Quote

Commission: $2.50cost per lead, based on the type of insurance.

52. QuickBooks Affiliate Program

Commission: 7%

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

53. TransUnion

Commission: $20

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

What is more important than health for an individual in today’s world? When everyone is worried about something and can not reach their daily activity time and calorie limit, it becomes essential for someone to guide them to the right path. In the world of technology, it is done by simple affiliate programs, apps, etc.; these not only reduce human efforts for something but also allow you to live an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Due to all these reasons, only the fitness YouTube channels, Instagram influencers, Tiktokers, and fitness trainers are getting money and fame. It’s just done simply by promoting a website or an affiliate program.

Fitness affiliate programs are the highest paid programs in the history of affiliate programs. Some of the companies that promote these fitness affiliate programs at the highest rate are:



Official Website

Ace Fitness





Life Fitness




TRX Training


Ace Fitness: The commission rate they provide is about 8% of the sales with a duration of 30 days. They provide a ranging commission for new visitors or promoters, which is 5-15%, and their cookie duration is nine days.

Bowflex: They provide AOV of about $2000 with a commission of 7% on each sale that you make; along with it, you get a cookie duration of 3 days.

Life Fitness: It is a perfect affiliate site because its commission rate is not fixed; it starts from 8%+ with a cookie duration of 30 days.

ProForm: They provide a cookie duration of 30 days, and the commission rate for their program varies from 8-11% according to the sales.

TRX Training: They provide a commission rate of about 8% on the sales that you make. The cookie duration provided is for 30 days. 

Best CBD Affiliate Program

Everything has its side effects and sound effects on people, just like a coin has to sides heads and tails, same is with CBD like marijuana.

One must not overdose on its usage because it is known as one of the most dangerous and addictive things on the planet, and to get out of it, a person has to go to a customary center.

Still, it is preferred not to be taken without the consultation of a doctor or a specialist. 

As the studies say, Michigan became the 10th state to allow the usage of cannabis and marijuana. This is because researchers and doctors use them for ailments of various diseases and intolerable pain.

It is seen that it is used as a depression treatment which was first originated in the jungles of amazon by the ayahuasca and is called the healing power of plants.

This is why this industry is trendy amongst the promoters as they provide a very handsome amount of commissions.

Some of the affiliate sites of CBD Marketing Programs are:



Official Website





Green CulterED


THC University


Seedsman: They provide you with a commission of over 15%, and the cookie duration ends when you leave the site.

Grasscity: They provide a commission of over 10%, with an extra 5% rate on every sale that you make, and with this, its cookie duration is 30 days.

Green CulterED: They give the highest commission rate than any other affiliate site. This makes the most attractive site for the people, and the affiliates prefer using this because of this and not only that, but it also comes with the most extended cookie duration, which is 365 days, or we can say a year.

THC University: They have a commission of $25 on every sale you make, suitable for beginners, and a cookie duration of 30 days.

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

Fashion attracts people of every age. The affiliates who influence fashion marketing are the most preferred social media as they have this golden opportunity to believe that every glitter is gold.

They are one of the highest-earning affiliate programs. Fashion content and fashion videos are the most-watched videos on networking sites that make it easy for influencers to increase their reach and convince people to buy their products.

The fashion industry has a broad spectrum of availability and choices for the affiliates, which vary from shoes, jewelry, clothes, accessories, etc.

Some of the fashion affiliate programs are:



Eddie Bauer




JNCO Jeans


Lane Bryant




MVMT Watches






Stitches Fix


True Religion


Warby Parker



Eddie Bauer: The commission rate provided by them is 5%, and the cookie duration is 7 Days.

H&M: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 7.4%, and the cookie duration is 30 Days. 

JNCO Jeans: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 20% JNCO Jeans, and the cookie duration is 30 Days. 

Lane Bryant: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 5%, and the cookie duration is 15 Days. 

ModCloth: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 7%, and the cookie duration is 45 Days. 

MVMT Watches: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 10%, and the cookie duration is 15 Days.

Newchic: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 18%, and the cookie duration is 60 Days. 

Nordstrom: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 2-20%, and the cookie duration is 7 Days. 

Stitch Fix: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 4%, and the cookie duration is 7 Days. 

True Religion: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 7%, and the cookie duration is 7 Days. 

Warby Parker: The commission rate on every sale made by the affiliate is 20%, and the cookie duration is 45 Days. 

Best Beauty and Makeup Affiliate Programs

One of the most trending affiliates on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and other social networking sites, it attracts the affiliates to earn a high commission rate on every sale they make, which acts as bait for them. People also love buying these products.

People have cravings for the products like these because they increased the standard of their living and improved their quality of skin which is what every influencer ever dream of. The affiliate gets all the products for free testing and then tells the results to the buyer or, say, an influencer who is ready to buy the product.

This gives the seller, the influencers, and the influenced as they all tend to promote the product after the positive results.

Some of the products of this affiliate program are as follows:


Commission rate

Madison Reed



Up-to 10%



BH Cosmetics


L’Occitane en Provence




Ulta Beauty


Madison Reed: The commission rate that they provide is $20, and the cookie duration is 30 days.

Avon: The commission rate that they provide is up to 10%, and the cookie duration is 30 days.

Beautytap: The commission rate that they provide is 7.5%+bonuses, and the cookie duration is seven days.

BH Cosmetics: The commission rate that they provide is 8%, and the cookie duration is 60 days.

L’Occitane en Provence: The commission rate that they provide is 2.5%, and the cookie duration is 45 days.

Sephora: The commission rate they provide is from 5-10%, and the cookie duration is 24 days.

Ulta Beauty: The commission rate is 2-5%, and the cookie duration is 30 days.

Best Gaming And Twitch Affiliate Programs

People of all ages play games, be it a kid or an adult, and everyone enjoys it. With this, there also comes an advantage of earning money through affiliate programs because it allows you to do so in no time frame whether you are an online gamer, online streamer, YouTube, etc.

It will give equal opportunities to all. It only requires you to join 50 twitch followers and 5k streaming minutes in 30 days; this is a minimum requirement for beginners.

You first play the game for yourself and then ask people to try that because you have tried it yourself; this is how it works.

Some of the gaming and twitch affiliate programs are:


Payout Rates

Astro Gaming










Astro Gaming: They provide a commission of 5% with a cookie duration of 180 days.

Fanatical: They provide a 5% commission rate along with a cookie duration of 90 days.

G2Deal: They provide a commission rate of 10% to 20% and an additional 3% on every site with a cookie duration of 30 days.


They provide you $5 on every click that the person does with an additional charge of % to 10% along with the cookie duration of 30 days.


They provide the highest commission rate, which makes it more popular, and the commission rate is 5-% and an additional 5% with the cookie duration of 30 days.

Best Music Affiliate Program

Music is the art or the process of expressing your feelings and emotions. People listen to it when they are sad, happy, enjoying, feeling lonely, etc. these feelings vary from time to time and place to place and when you surf the internet, be it Instagram, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

If you are a sound engineer, it is very beneficial for you to promote this affiliate program. Music beats, along with the link, are trending on social Media handles these days that help people earn money. 

You have to ensure that the audience listening to the suggestion is lying about the music or not.


Payout rates

Guitar Centre


Musicians Friend


Sam Ash





6%+ Bonuses

Best Bitcoin and Crypto Affiliate Programs

What is bitcoin? It is nothing but money that is a decentralized and digital currency. The transactions are made online through it. These transactions are checked over a cryptography network to avoid any mishap.

It is the most trending topic in today’s world because people are always in a dilemma about whether they should invest in it or not. Still, the affiliate must ensure that the person is fully confident, and he must feel safe to support and make transactions through it.

Crypto is referred to as an online transaction of money, and it is safely done to buy goods and services. Only you have access to all the credentials, so that makes it a safe transaction.

Some of the Bitcoin and Crypto Affiliate Programs are:


Payout Rates





Ledger Wallet

10% on the net sale


Trezor Wallet

20% on sale

Binance: They provide a commission of 20% and an additional commission rate of 40%, with the payments done in real-time.

Coinbase: They provide a commission rate of $100 and an additional of $10, which is the highest paid amongst all. The earning is done according to the customer.

Ledger Wallet: The commission rate is 10% and 0.1 bits minimum payout A 20% commission rate is provided to the affiliates on single-user registration.

Trezor Wallet: The commission rate is 20% on each sale.

Best Sports Affiliate Program in 2022

Sports is an activity that involves a significant connection and people who influence that connection. It becomes essential to understand that people affiliated with this want to buy the product daily, which means the product they have been using does not need to be changed as sports performances are based on the products.

So, it becomes easy for people to sell the product by promoting it via social media sites and handles.

Sports has a significant market because there are two indoor and outdoor types that have varieties and help the related people choose the basics from it.

When it comes to big-scale sports like football, cricket it excites the people to join and be the art of the game, and this helps in meeting all the requirements via affiliate programs as they sell their products.


Payout Rates

Dick’s Sporting Goods


Draft Kings






Sports Memorabilia


TaylorMade Golf


Under Armour


Dick’s Sporting Goods: They provide a commission of 5% on average and a cookie duration of 10 days.

Draft Kings: They provide a commission of 40% on referral revenue for the first 30 days, which gets reduced to 25%.

Fanatics: They provide a commission of 10% max, and the cookie duration is seven days.

FanDuel: They provide a commission of $25-35 per signup and a 35% rev share for referrals’ first two years.

Sports Memorabilia: They provide a commission of 9% on the sales and the cookies 365 days.

TaylorMade Golf: They provide a commission of 5% and a cookie duration of 30 days.

Under Armour: They provide a commission of 5% and a cookie duration of 30 days.

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

It is one of the most used sites for pictures and information that is very beneficial for promoting it and making money from that affiliate program.

A study says that 29% of people are using Pinterest in the USA, and 93 are buying from it.

There are four ways to join this network, they are:


Payout Rates

Amazon Associates



Not Fixed


ShopStyle Collective

Amazon Associates

You can share any amazon product directly from the Pinterest post. All you have to do is attach the direct link in it, and as many people will click that, it will benefit you as you will be paid according to that.


This is the best one for startups and selling homemade or organic products. Last year they had about 3900 merchants who influenced their products and sold that further. These Products can be fashion-related like clothes, shoes, sandals, jewelry, food items for garden items, etc.


With this, you can sell your thoughts to other people or say share your thoughts, and you get money for that because you will attach your link on Pinterest, and as many people who will visit your website will benefit from that. You can become a content writer and a curator through that.

ShopStyle Collective

The world is all about the clothes you wear and the trend you follow in fashion, so this is all about that. All you have to do is attach a link to Pinterest that will lead the customer directly to the site of clothing, fashion, and other accessories, and you will be paid in return, which is all done by simply promoting the product.

What are the three main parties in Affiliate Programming?

  • The merchant
  • The affiliate 
  • The consumer

What are the requirements of being able to be a part of it?

Nothing, it does not require any degree or any knowledge about it. All it needs is determination, social media handles, and consistency to sell that product. Social Media is critical because it allows you to do an infamous thing to reach a million views.

All you have to do is promote an affiliate marketing site and be consistent while doing so. This allows you to have a good commission over the products that you sell with your media accounts. 

There are two types of programs according to it:

  • Self-hosted programs 
  • Affiliate network

How do you get paid higher in an affiliate program?

People prefer this course for earning money and fame that allows them to grow an extensive network and get famous. This is the primary reason why people are curious about getting paid high in less time.

  • The high commission rate allows everyone to be an active participant in this affiliate program.
  • Average Order Value(AOV) for calculating it, one must divide the total revenue by the number of orders. It is the total no. of the money spent on a customer to maintain or increase the charges.
  • Cookie duration is one of the major keys of the affiliate marketing tools, so without this on, one can imagine a program/site as it allows you to have time and think again and confirm your doubts and clear your doubts. It is simple that you can purchase a particular product within 30 days if the cookie duration is given 30 days.  
  • Earnings Per Click(EPC), it is easy to understand that every time you click the link, an affiliate link gets activated, and it redirects the user to the desired product that the user recesses. It is simply the calculated amount per 100 clicks.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

  • One should only promote that product they love because it will allow them to explore everything about it.
  • It must research emerging categories that allow people to look for the products that they want.
  • People want it fast and convenient, so they prefer the quickest means and approachable means that is mobile, so all the programs and the marketing sites must have access to mobile phones.


  • The top 3 primary traffic sources of affiliate marketing are SEO, social networks, and blogging.
  • Google is the largest source for this purpose.
  • Over 80% of the brands use affiliate marketing sites.
  • Approximately 15% of all digital media industries revenue comes from affiliate marketing sites.
  • In 2016, Amazon revenue reached up to $136 Billion.
  • Over 50% of the affiliate marketing falls into four categories: Fashion, Sports, Health & Beauty, Travel.
  • In 2017, there were over 600 million products that were sold because of affiliate marketing sites.


How much money can you make through it?

Limitless- the more you sell the product through promotion, the more you get paid.

Is it essential to have a blog for it?

No- it is not important to have a blog for it. You can do the promotion without that.

Do we have to be qualified for it?

No- you do not require any qualification for it; anyone can start with this.

Do we have to pay to get started?

No- it is free of cost, and you do not have to make any payment.

Is it illegal?

No- it is legal and safe to use affiliate programming.


We understood what affiliate marketing was and what is the work of the affiliate marketing sites. We also saw the top 5 Affiliate Marketing Sites.

It also covered the various stages and their importance. It is also essential to understand that a developing nation requires it to create more jobs and opportunities for all because it benefits just a person but all the people involved in it: the customer, the seller, the promoter.

Similarly, India is a developing nation, and there is a tremendous income potential in affiliate marketing where you can make about 80% of the commission.

It is essential to understand that these affiliate marketing sites are the future of young entrepreneurs, startups, and businessmen.

This is the golden key of converting their thoughts and imaginations into something that the customer requires, and not only the customer is satisfied, but the seller and the promoter are too. Moreover, the affiliate gets the product for free to get it tested and promoted further.

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