AccuWeb Hosting vs MilesWeb Hosting


In Layman’s terms, web hosting refers to “hosting your website” on the Internet, whereas a web hosting service is a service that allows you to host your website on the Internet.

When someone creates a website and wants to publish it, they’ll need to host it. Web hosting is the term for this, from the category of web hosting services, which aid them with web hosting.

Now, although there isn’t much to learn about web hosting (it’s simply putting your website online or publishing it), we’ll take a deeper look at how web hosting services like SiteGround, WP Engine, HostGator, and others support this publishing.

Any basic web hosting that the web hosting services carries some rudimentary basics, no matter how complex the process can get. These services work by maintaining and storing all your data on web servers, which run on a super-fast network.

Comparison of AccuWeb Hosting vs Milesweb Hosting

Let’s compare the market’s leading hosting providers on the areas that matter most. Who is the cheapest, and which is the best and most supportive between AccuWeb Hosting vs MilesWeb Hosting?

AccuWeb Hosting, for example, has a long-standing reputation for exceptional customer service and hosting dependability, as seen by many business customers who have submitted positive reviews and comments about the AccuWeb Hosting Service.

AccuWeb Hosting, for example, provides ultra-fast servers, 24/7 customer care via a multitude of channels, and very competitive pricing. AccuWeb Hosting is one of the few firms that obtain positive feedback regularly.

This is due to AccuWeb Hosting’s management and workers’ absolute commitment to providing exceptional service and being a trustworthy company.

And on the other side, MilesWeb has helped thousands of customers to launch their ideas and business online. Their high-quality services, combined with their low-cost web hosting plans, have allowed small business owners to concentrate on their core business rather than worrying about the various issues that might arise as a result of an unreliable web host.

Every hosting plan includes SSL, bandwidth, SSD storage, emails, a website builder, a control panel, and a knowledgeable technical support team that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Comparison based on features

Let’s compare them with their features, and The ultimate comparison will pop out here.

ease of use:  The Internet is a Public service. 

And these Web Hosting services are built to be used by a variety of people and businesses. In AccuWeb Hosting services, they are only permitted to use the services for legal purposes, as defined by their agreement.

On may not use the services to send or broadcast material, data or information that is illegal in any nation or violation of any federal, state or municipal law in the United States.

You may not use the services. To help or encourage others to break the law.

And on the other side with MilesWeb, managing their hosting is straightforward since you can learn most of the essentials on your own, such as control panel settings and setting up email accounts, even if you have no prior technical experience.

You may use Miles web’s one-click installer to install necessary software such as CMS and eCommerce Platforms.

Speed and uptime

Speed and uptime areneeded features in every Web hosting company.

AccuWeb Hosting company has a nearly 100 per cent uptime guarantee, the customized and fast supplied dedicated. The ServerServer allows us the option to choose the solution we want from the Server we choose.

Additional resources, like DISK, RAM, and so on, can be added to our Server. Optional add-ons include configurable network, firewall, load balancer, dedicated service engineer, backup server, completely managed services, and more.

And MilesWeb is a hosting service that allows you to get started right away. Our web hosting gets online as soon as we finish the setup process after completing our registration with MilesWeb.

There are no processing lags, no delays, waiting times. They guarantee a 99.95% uptime. Their goal is to keep their customer’s websites operational as close to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year as possible.


Here’s the backup plans for from these two Companies. 

Storage servers are great for users who require more storage space for archiving, backups or storing large amounts of data (backup servers).

These servers have plenty of RAM, a strong CPU, top-of-the-line components, a high-bandwidth connection, complete security, and network features, according to AccuWeb.

When it comes to superb performance and durable reliability, these servers offer the best value for money. 

Alternatively, In MilesWeb, we can manually backup our website files and download them to our local machine using the control panel’s backup function.

They also provide a premium backup solution that stores backups on a separate server. If we erase our website data accidentally or forget to take a manual backup, we can recover our crucial website files using the backup saved on our Server.

Our database backup will be taken every day, and they will have a backup of our data for the previous seven days. During the payment process, we can choose to use their automatic website backup service.


Security is one of the most needed features for hosting companies. Let’s see the security services of AccuWeb & MilesWeb.

According to AccuWeb, the security of their network is incredibly vital to them. To protect network security, data integrity, and privacy, they use programmes that monitor network traffic and access to its network.

Security monitoring organizations and their vendors who fear the security of their network, AccuWeb’s network, or ours has been breached may be allowed access to traffic information, as required by law. This data may contain personal information. 

And also, as a reputable Web Hosting service with over 30,000 happy customers, Miles Web prioritizes security and privacy.

Apart from typical firewalls, their servers are protected by the best security tools available, such as Malware Scanners, Cage FS, and two-factor authentication (2FA).

All Their malware scanning and detection tools protect the servers in real-time. Their brute-force protection technology offers an extra layer of security to safeguard our websites from security risks.

Domain and SSL services:

 A Domain name is required when you first begin your online presence. This is because it serves as your address, letting people know where you are if they need to find you. The first step is establishing your online presence. It is to get a domain name.

Accuweb Hosting can help us find the appropriate and distinctive domain. They also provide a WHOIS service. 

We can use their protection service to secure our domain international from the plethora of spammers on the Internet today.

Renewals are charged at a flat cost. From a single location, we can manage our domain and hosting assistance. Domain transfer capabilities that are both free and simple.

AccuWeb Hosting also offers. Extremely secure 256-bit. SSL certificates to encrypt-critical information sent and received over the Internet by our website.

With their SSL certificate options, we may secure a single domain, several domains, or unlimited subdomains. Support for almost 99% of browsers from a single location; we can manage our domain and SSL certificates.

And also, Miles Web does not compel us to purchase domain names in addition to hosting. In fact, with their selected web hosting services, we get a domain for here.

If we already have a domain, we can utilize it with our hosting or purchase a domain elsewhere and point it to MilesWeb’s Server.

However, because hosting and domain names are two separate services, we may find it quicker and convenient to use the same provider for both. We can contact their support team to transfer our existing domain name to our Miles Web Hosting. They also provide SSL certificates.

Money back guarantee:

AccuWeb Hosting makes the full-refund money-back promise, as the name implies, is a guarantee of their superior service.

We may also utilize the contract to test our website or web application on their Windows servers. So, if we’re not happy with their windows Hosting service for any reason, they’ll give us a full refund if we cancel within 30 days of account activation. We can also balance our cloud VPS plan for free within seven days.

But MilesWeb gives the guarantee for the users of Shared, Reseller, and WordPress Hosting packages. They don’t extend the warranty to VPS servers or Domain registration/transfer/ Renewal.

Customer Support:

AccuWeb wants its services to satisfy all of their customers’ requirements. They demonstrated that they put in a lot of effort to develop a sound customer care system that includes a knowledge base to answer your inquiries.

Because the site is made up of well-written content, we can search for any hosting issue and be sure to find a solution. Not only that, but they have a well-established crew that will respond to us 24 hours a day, every day of the year, via email or live chat.         

MilesWeb also gives the support of 24 × 7 × 365. And this is a trusted company.

Advanced features:

Here are some of Accuweb’s more advanced features: 

  • Passcard-controlled entrances, 
  • Video surveillance cameras, 
  • Redundant, Best-in-Class Infrastructure, 
  • 24×7 duty security guards, 
  • Redundant Utility Power, 
  • Raised static-proof flooring, 
  • DDoS-protected servers, 
  • Climate-controlled server rooms, 
  • High-performance Rack Architecture      

Miles Web also provides some features like this:

  • 1-Click Installer, 
  • PHP configuration, 
  • Hotlink Protection, 
  • Multiple PHP versions, 
  • FTP over SSL, 
  • Unlimited Subdomains

Types of Plans along with the Pricing :

AccuWeb is a reputable Web hosting provider that offers top-notch service at a competitive price. They create blazing-fast, secure, and scalable websites and online apps. 

Here are some AccuWeb plans:

    (I) Shared Hosting: Starts at $4.79/Mo

    (II) Windows Hosting: Starts at $5.09/Mo

From WordPress Hosting:

     (I) Fully managed WordPress Hosting : Starts at $2.99/Mo

From VPS Hosting:

      (I) Linux VPS Hosting: $5.00/Mo

      (II) Windows VPS Hosting: $7.99/Mo

From Reseller Hosting:

      (I) Linux Reseller plan: $8.99/Mo

      (II) Windows Reseller plan: $26.99/Mo

From Dedicated Hosting:

      (I) Dedicated Hosting plan: $80/Mo

MilesWeb also provides so many plans like:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Managed VPS
  • Unmanaged VPS
  • Dedicated Server


Since 2004, AccuWeb has been regarded as a reputable hosting provider by many. They helped a large number of satisfied consumers. Their low prices and outstanding customer service have wowed many customers.

They draw a significant number of individuals due to their laid-back demeanour. Customers from all over the world benefit from their extensive features and versatility. Their inexpensive pricing and high-powered infrastructure attract many clients and Hosting pros.             

MilesWeb supported over 30,000 happy customers. They always attract people with their excellent pricing plans. Customers all across the world benefit from their comprehensive features and flexibility.

Since 2012, many individuals have regarded MilesWeb as a reliable hosting firm. Many individuals are impressed by their cost and customer service quality. Many individuals are drawn to them because of their carefree demeanour.

Customers all across the world benefit from their comprehensive features and flexibility. Their affordability and high-powered infrastructure attract many customers and Hosting experts. 


AccuWeb: Since 2004, AccuWeb has been regarded as a reputable hosting provider by many. They helped a large number of satisfied consumers.

Their low prices and outstanding customer service have wowed many customers. They draw a significant number of individuals due to their laid-back demeanour.

Customers from all over the world benefit from their extensive features and versatility. Their inexpensive pricing and high-powered infrastructure attract many clients and Hosting pros.

AccuWeb is a reputable Web hosting provider that offers top-notch service at a competitive price. They create blazing-fast, secure, and scalable websites and online apps. 

MilesWeb: MilesWeb is a web hosting firm that was established in 2012. It is based in India and has been steadily expanding its operations in the international market since 2013.

They have captivated the majority of the online market scenarios and earned significant recognition in a short period due to their excellent services. 

The organization can provide a wide range of web hosting solutions, ranging from shared hosting to cloud hosting. The corporation covers you.

The company says no to none regarding Windows and Linux shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, a dedicated server, limitless hosting services, and cloud hosting. Along with the same, they even offer effectively working AWS cloud platforms and efficient server management systems.

Apart from that, Milesweb hosting performance and services provide you with various web security solutions, including a web app firewall, site backup, SSL certification, and spam experts. 

The company’s professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are always willing to help you in any way they can. They give technical questions precedence over general ones so that no firm suffers due to a delay in receiving advice. Email, phone, tickets, and live chat are all options for contacting them.


The VPS Hosting solution from AccuWeb Hosting is a fantastic alternative that makes everything even more straightforward for you, whether you’re just getting started with a new website or installing a complex system.

If I had to choose between MilesWeb and AccuWeb Hosting, I’d go with AccuWeb Hosting because its VPS hosting is among the quickest and most scalable on the Internet.

For your VPS, you can choose between SAN, SSD, or cloud storage. With your VPS, you’ll have a dedicated IP address and full root access. 

Web hosting services such as shared hosting and Windows hosting are suited for both novice and advanced users. AccuWeb, on the other hand, is the way to go if you want a lightning-fast and hassle-free experience!.

Cloud hosting services offer solid speed and performance at an adjustable cost. It’s perfect for websites that get a lot of traffic. 

AccuWeb provides a simple, fully customizable WordPress hosting solution that is 100% secure and optimized for custom WordPress installs. 

VPS Hosting is a more advanced form of shared hosting that allows you to run your website on your dedicated Server. The VPS choices offered by AccuWeb are the most versatile. At such a low cost, who wouldn’t want speed and dependability?

AccuWeb provides dependable Linux and Windows reseller hosting. You can rent a server from an experienced gamer and resell it to your customers for as little as $8.99 per month. 

Individuals that want complete control over their resources and servers should choose dedicated hosting. You will have full access and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.    


AccuWeb is the most versatile, cost-effective, and well-known hosting provider overall. It also has an excellent uptime guarantee and a generous refund policy. 

AccuWeb is the right hosting business for you if you have a limited budget and want to go from a VPS to a Dedicated server!! It outperforms the competition in the hosting industry. 

Because of its all-around technical assistance, reasonable costs, and fantastic deals, Accu Web Hosting is one of the best hosting providers. 

Even if you are a novice, it is easy to use.

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