Accuweb hosting is a good choice for customers searching for expertise configuration, upgradeable resources, and receptive support. This company is an Old Tappan and New Jersey (US) root web hosting company founded in 2003. Accuweb hosting is a financially secure, personally retained company with 18 years of experience.

They are supplying the most inexpensive and authentic web hosting solutions and allocated services to customers worldwide. 

AccuWeb Hosting has a long-standing reputation for excellent Customer service and hosting dependability, as proved not by the company’s declarations but by many business customers who have written good reviews and testimonials about the AccuWeb Hosting Service.

AccuWeb Hosting offers ultra-fast servers, 24/7 customer service via various channels, and very reasonable price levels, to name a few. AccuWeb Hosting is one of the few companies that consistently receive favorable feedback.

That’s because AccuWeb Hosting’s management and employees are sincerely dedicated to providing excellent service and being a company that consumers can rely on.

AccuWeb Hosting stands out among the best website hosting providers not just because of amazing plan costs, top-notch technology, and super-scalability but also because of the people behind the service.

General info

Internet hosting services that host websites for clients are called web hosting services. Microsoft agreed on Accuweb as a WebMatrix Compatible Hosting company, which is a popular VPS hosting service with cPanel installation, Softaculous, daily backups, and SSL certification. Accuweb hosting provides a wide variety of collections, and all schemes offer cash back guarantee.

What makes Accuweb stand out?

AccuWeb Hosting offers VPS hosting that is among the fastest and most scalable on the Internet. AccuWebHosting’s VPS Hosting solution is a great option that makes everything even simpler and easier for you, whether you’re simply establishing a new website or installing a complicated system.

Choose between SAN, SSD, or Cloud storage for your VPS. Get a dedicated IP address and complete root access with your VPS.

Shared Hosting and Windows Hosting are two types of web hosting services suitable for beginners and advanced users. Cloud Hosting services provide dependable speed and performance with a flexible price structure.

If you want a lightning-fast and hassle-free experience, though, AccuWeb is the way to go! It’s ideal for websites with a high volume of visitors. 

AccuWeb offers a simple, completely adjustable WordPress Hosting solution that is entirely safe and optimized for unique WordPress installations.

VPS Hosting is a more advanced kind of shared Hosting that allows you to have your dedicated server run your website. AccuWeb’s VPS options are the most adaptable. Who wouldn’t want speed and dependability at such a low price? 

AccuWeb offers reliable Linux and Windows reseller hosting options. With a package that starts at just $8.99/Mo, you may rent a server from an experienced player and resell it to your customers. 

Dedicated Hosting is for individuals who desire complete control over their resources and servers. You will get complete access and an unforgettable experience. 

Reliability and performance

Microsoft Windows- first web hosting provider is Accuweb. This web hosting company doesn’t incur additional costs to customers. Microsoft Windows users get the same affordable rates as Linux hosting customers.

AccuWebHosting guarantees 99.99% uptime and 100% satisfaction, indicating a dedication to performance, safety, and usability.

Resonating specifically with Windows and Linux VPS hosting guests, the company currently operates more than 15,000 virtual servers and 55,000 websites.

AccuWeb Hosting is significantly agnostic when it comes to operating systems. Rather than declaring itself a Windows expert for Linux installations or offering only Microsoft’s alternative Upcharged Lip service, AccuWeb Hosting supplies nine various operating systems under the same pricing format.

AccuWebHosting includes admirable backups with most plans and – perhaps more notably – free and unlimited recovery. Customers can upgrade to a paid backup plan for progressive daily backups that are maintained for seven days.

In addition to free website migration, utmost participating hosting plans include24/7 monitoring, DDoS protection, and accessible dispatch hosting.


The web host’s speed is essential, indeed, when you’re making the maximum introductory purchase of participating hosting. Visitors to your website may not be around if a lazy server regularly awaits them. 

To get a sense of the performance of AccuWeb Hosting, they inked up for an authentically simple participating hosting account and uploaded a veritably introductory website. Since then, they’ve used Uptime.com to check their test point’s vacuity and response time at 5- nanosecond intervals over a 7- day period (which is further than individual checks.)

The response time they comprised 285ms, about 289ms which they saw during the last review, about mid-range of what they’d anticipate for an introductory participating hosting package. AccuWeb Hosting also scored for its consistency.

Results range from 248-485ms but have only a smatter of readings above 400ms, and their site substantially provides results in the veritably respectable 250-300ms range.

Accuweb Features

Here are some advanced features of Accuweb, 

  • Passcard protected Entrances, 
  • Video surveillance cameras, 
  • Redundant, Best-in-class Infrastructure, 
  • 24*7 duty security guards, 
  • Redundant Utility power, 
  • Raised static-proof flooring,
  • DDoS protected servers,
  • climate-controlled server rooms, 
  • High-performance Rack Architecture

Types of hosting AccuWeb Offer

AccuWeb Hosting contains:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • WordPress Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Building a Website
  • E-Commerce and Security Options

Shared: A shared web hosting service is a web hosting service where numerous websites are on a web server connected to the Internet. By choosing participating hosting, the website will partake a factual server with one or different websites.

This is generally the most profitable option for hosting, as the overall cost of server conservation extends to numerous guests.

VPS: Hosting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that nearly mimics a fast server terrain within a participating server. VPS hosting has become a popular choice because it generally costs lower than devoted hosting but offers better trustability, security, and performance than participating hosting.

Reseller: Simply put, reseller hosting can be called a hosting service where you, the reseller, rent your service to your customers and, as a result, make a profit. These web hosting services include server bandwidth, CPU, disk space, RAM, ROM, etc. 

WordPress: WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that’s optimized for running WordPress sites.

By using a WordPress host, you’ll find many tools and services created specifically for WordPress sites. 

These may vary depending on the WP hosting service you choose but frequently involves a team of expert staff in WordPress to give one-click installs, automated software updates, and customized support.                         

Cloud: Cloud hosting makes operations and websites accessible using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, results aren’t placed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts operations or websites, icing lesser inflexibility, and scalability.

Features: AccuWeb’s WordPress hosting plans have a capable set of features, including some welcome pluses. All plans support unlimited website hosting; The company will import a WordPress point for free; SEO and a performance-boosting hyperactive- cache plugin are pre-installed, and daily backups are thrown out.

AccuWeb plan and pricing

Accuweb hosting offers website hosting at just $3.52/ month, cloud hosting at $4.79, Linux hosting at $3.09/ month, cloud VPS starting at $99.9, and dedicated hosting at $105.00/month.          

Are there any coupons and discounts:

Security and backup

AccuWeb Hosting offers its content distribution network for free for the first month to guests. The add-on service accelerates websites by caching and distributing your content to further than 100 Edge servers in further than 30 countries.

Premium SSL Certificate supports over 99 web cyber surfers, including 256- bit encryption and standard trust situations. Users can secure SSL certificates for over 100 disciplines or choose a wildcard certificate that protects all subdomains. 

Users can super-charge their email hosting by adding anti-spam protection with a blocking rate of 99.98 and lower than one million false-cons.

AccuWeb says that their network’s security is extremely important to them. They utilize programs that monitor network traffic and access to its network traffic and access to its network to ensure network security, data integrity, and privacy.

These programs track how we interact with their services website and network (Traffic Information) Security monitoring organizations, and their vendors who suspect the security of either their network or AccuWeb’s network or our they’re to has been breached may be given access to traffic information, as required by law. Personal information may be included in this data.

AccuWeb Hosting Pros and cons


  • Has many budget-friendly plans
  • Steady quick responded
  • Fast storage
  • Support staffs are well mannered 
  • It provides a free trial before choosing any plans. 


  • Email, SSL, Domain configurations
  • Up to date services
  • Better homepage design
  • More ease in technical support
  • Customer service through the ticket system is delayed sometimes.

Accuweb Migration

Switching from our current hosting provider to AccuWeb Hosting is simple and stress-free because they offer a free migration service. This allows us to direct our resources to where they’re most required.

We can entrust the relocation to their highly qualified and experienced team. They’ll put together a professional support team and get to work.

Switching to AccuWeb Hosting is simple and painless. Before switching to them, we should double-check our website. Migration assistance is available around the clock.

Help and support

At AccuWeb, They want their services to meet all of their customer’s needs. They showed that they worked hard to create a solid customer support system that includes a Knowledge base to address your questions.

We can search for any hosting issue and be sure to discover a way to resolve it because the site is made up of well-written articles. Not only that, but they have a well-established team that will answer to us via email or live chat 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

  • How can you contact them? You can call their toll-free number: Phone Number: (877) 7674678
  • Do they offer billable technical support? Yes. They offer billable technical support on an hourly basis at $30 per hour. 

Accuweb Review

AccuWeb has been regarded as a dependable hosting company by many since 2004. They supported uncountable happy customers. Many people are impressed by their low prices and excellent customer service.

Because of their casual demeanor, they attract a large number of people. Their vast features and adaptability serve customers all over the world. Many clients and Hosting professionals are drawn to their low prices and high-powered infrastructure.


Overall, AccuWeb is the most adaptable, cost-effective, and well-known hosting company. It also offers a fantastic uptime guarantee and refund policy.

If you have a limited budget and wish to switch from a VPS to a Dedicated server, AccuWeb is the appropriate hosting company for you!! It outperforms other hosting companies on the market. AccuWeb Hosting is one of the greatest hosting providers because of its all-around technical assistance, pleasant prices, and excellent offers. 

It is simple to use even if you are a newbie.

They make a quick reply to the customers. The support they are providing to the users is outstanding. They have good features and a good support team.

They have free web hosting and premium web hosting at a low cost. Their top-notch support service is the best. The speed they give to open a website is good. I would like to recommend this to all users.

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