A Minimalist Guide to SEO: Get It Done in 5 Simple Steps


Every single person who is indulged in digital marketing is running behind search engine optimization because they know this is something which can make them a hero in this field and provide them with great rankings, or if they fail in SEO, it will make them zero as well as give them zero or nothing. For SEO point of view you have choose best web hosting plan for your website.

 Everybody in this market wants to learn it; they want to do it.

The biggest and actual problem is that they don’t know how to do it and from where they have to start doing it. Marketers try hard to do it properly. Keyword densities, backlinks, trust rank, link architecture all these things may seem very difficult, especially for newbies.

Don’t worry! Because you are a marketer and not a SEO specialist. You have many other better things to do.

But let’s be honest, without investing time, money, and energy into it, you can not achieve good traffic, which is the prime motto of any marketer. Do you want to know the secrets? Yes, I will tell you five simple ways to do SEO to help you generate a good amount of traffic and truthful, loyal leads.

 So, let’s get started with the few 5 simple tips or ways to perform SEO:

1. Start targeting people who need you or who are looking for you

You might not be able to rank for a highly popular keyword, but you can shine at the top of search results for people who are looking for you.

Maybe they are impressed with your brand name, maybe they value your things, met you somewhere at a conference, but unfortunately, lost your business or visiting card. They would like to meet you, and maybe they want to purchase your brand, which has great value.

In all these cases that will not search for general keywords; instead, they will start looking for you and your brand. At that time, your name, brand, and face value act more as a unique keyword and save you from general keyword research competition.

2. Optimization of title tags 

Does the question arise what title tags are?

It is nothing but the title of the page. You can easily find them at the very top of your browser, up in the blue region. And while they may look unimportant or less important, they are among the most important factors for SEO or search engine optimization.

The simplest way to manage title tags include one keyword (which you can easily find by doing some research or using paid tools) and a few descriptive lines to tell the visitor about the page.

 So now again, an important question arises: Can you generate a lot of traffic with this?

The answer is No. But you have a good chance of showing up for the people searching for all these terms.

3. Optimize your file name

Search engines don’t only look at your title tags (which are also important). They also look closely at the file names of your pages and images (you have inserted).

The best way to optimize them is to identify a theme or focus for every particular page. Always try to keep it short. 

A shorter name is always a better name. A very long name might be old-fashioned, and also it dilutes SEO potential, can look silly to the readers, and make it next to impossible for anyone to remember.

 And also, you can use hyphens. They are very helpful separators between words in file names and prevent us from clustering them together.

4. Always do some keyword research

SEO specialists are always using expensive or paid tools to analyze the perfect keywords. It helps people find them, and in return, the website owner gets good traffic which is the ultimate goal of any marketer.

Now, what can you do to find your perfect keyword that people search for more to provide you and your website a good ranking in SEO? All you have to do is think of some phrases or words that you think people search and enter them in the search bar of google. You can find your keywords from there free of cost without paying a single penny, but the only thing you have to pay here is your hard work in finding those keywords, and you have to make your research with great effort. Initially, your hard work and gradually your money and investment will help you outshine in the market.

5. Always optimize before publishing your content

Now that you have selected a title tag and file name, add those same words throughout the content.

Don’t go mad or crazy, though. Yes, you may capture Google’s attention, but you can surely lose the interest of the real audience. Your heavy SEO strategies  we’ll turn them off. It is better to let them work as part of your natural language on your page and make sure everything reads well and does not look extra or awkward to the reader, which can easily break their interest in reading which you don’t want.

Better positions to add keywords are headlines and subheadings, and you can sprinkle a little more relevant words around the rest of your content.


 A lot more is available on Google related to SEO; you’ll find entire books, classes, and home study courses that are dedicated to SEO. Along with them, there are hundreds of different tricks you can use to get your site’s search engine traffic.

But if you’re starting your website and you need to get your website to grow faster, or you want people to find you easily, this is where you should start. By completing these five easy steps, you can optimize your site in only about 5 to 15 minutes per page, with no frustrating SEO learning.

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